Sunday, May 2, 2010

To fill or not to fill?

My band is such a fickle bitch. I've been practically salivating over my fill appointment coming up in two weeks, yet tonight I yakked up a mere slice of eggplant parm. Le sigh. I probably took too big of a bite at one point; I know I didn't overdo it on quantity. It's quite frustrating.

So, now I'm just not sure what to do about that appointment. Do I still get a little fill and just buckle down hard on small bites and chewing? Learn my lesson the hard way? I guess I'll have to see how these next two week go. At least I know I'll drop an extra pound with my liquid and mushy days this week.

One thing I've been talking about doing, and will implement this week, is eating from toddler bowls. I have a stack of them for my daughter, and it occurred to me the other day that they are the perfect size for me. I do usually eat off of salad plates instead of large dinner plates, but you can still fit a good amount of food on a salad plate. I think I get in trouble a lot by putting too much food on my plate, and subsequently eating too much. If I start with the little toddler bowl, at least I know I can get more if I'm still hungry, which I won't be in all likelihood.

Back to the grossness for a sec... Who ever came up with the term PB? I have never "burped" up food. That is much too gentle of a term for what happens to me. When I'm stuck, I know I'm in for a full out vom. PB, my ass.

On a lighter note, just watched two funny things tonight: Zach Galifianakis Live at the Purple Onion and Year One.

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Debi said...

Hi Maria, I am just now learning about restriction! I have been begging for it since the day of my Surgery and I finally got some with my last Fill.

I am debating whether or not to get another Fill next week or not. I probably will, since I am on the low side of restriction.

As for PB's and such. So far, I have only had one bad PB/Slimming incident. And it was more that just a PB as well. But everything else has been just a PB/Slimming. I slime for than anything though!! Hopefully that will always be the case!