Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Stuckness

This afternoon I forgot about three very important things that affect my band:

1. The weather
2. My period
3. The fact that I wasn't actually hungry.

Hate it when that happens. Call it how to ruin a perfectly good caprese salad.

So, while I would looooove to go to bed right now, I'm deathly afraid of lying down. Must stay upright until it passes. I feel pretty confident that this is not going to end in a wretching episode -- usually I'd be much worse off by now. I actually made a cup of tea (I know, I know, don't put liquids on top of the stuckness!), and I think it's helping. Little tiny sips. Really little tiny sips. I've managed to get a few burps up. You know, those burps where you swear you can feel the food shift around as the air bubble works it's way out. So pleasant.

These last few days I have been so tired. And it's not like I'm that sleep deprived. I do think it has a lot to do with Aunt Flo. As an aside, I was just looking up euphemisms for that time of the month, and the most hilarious award goes to "Blow Job Season!" Must NOT use that in front of hubby so he doesn't get the wrong idea! Some others I need to add to my repertoire are "riding the cotton pony" and "punctuating"... get it?! Anyway, back to my tiredness. The last few days at work, I felt like I could've fallen asleep standing up. Have you ever been so tired that you actually slurred your words? I swear I did that this morning! And that is so bad, because I do inpatient testing, and these people are all like, 'I'm putting my life in your hands (exaggeration), and you're yawning? WTF lady?!" Seriously though, I wish I could tell you work stories, but I just can't. Now that I've totally c-blocked you on that... I shall bid you goodnight.


Fiona said...

ha ha laughed out loud at the period terms. Keep em coming.
Hate being stuck and found out about not drinking the hard way. Hope everything has moved on as it were.
Get some rest x

Beth said...

My friend calls it beeg week, you add that one to your repertoire also :)

tessierose said...

It seams I get stuck when I'm really hungry too. Stuck twice yesterday, it sucks!

Maria said...

Yes, tessierose! I hate it when I'm really hungry, then I just start shoveling away. And we all know that doesn't get us very far!