Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini goal check-in

The scale surprised me this morning with 232.7! I just may make my goal to be sub 230 by the 17th!

I was beginning to get down about my slow progress again, but as I was updating my ticker for lapbandtalk, I realized I've lost 10 lbs over the past 6 weeks! How can I be upset about that?!?

Today's plan: liquids to heal my fussy tum, another round of C25k Week 2, and positive thoughts.


-Grace- said...

Kudos!!! You will definitely make your goal!

Debi said...

Hi Maria, I just found your blog and I will be Following you!


Debi said...

About your fussy stomach, do you take anything for it?

I take Prilosec OTC every night (mostly due to the large amount of RX's I take, as many of them can cause stomach problems), and I rarely have any troubles.

The Shrinking Rini said...

Hey Maria! I just found your blog. I just started C25k as well! I did week 1 day 2 today. How are you doing with week 2?

Come find me @

Band Groupie said...

Can't wait to read more (found you through Debi). -BG

I'm here:

Michelle said...

10 lbs in 6 weeks is awesome. I am new to following and you can find me at

Maria said...

Hi everyone!

Debi - I have gastritis and an ulcer (unrelated to the band), so I'm on Prilosec twice a day.

Rini - Week 2 is going well. I'm finding it easier than week 1 actually!