Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A new look and other sleepy ramblings

Imagine that... I was sick of that background already. What really pushed me over the edge was seeing it on another monitor and realizing how awful the colors could be. Eesh.

I'm starting to think I'm overdoing it with the running. I know I should expect some aches and pains along the way, but my knees were hurting all day. Maybe keeping to a brisk walk would do for now. Am I giving up to easy? I don't know. Sometimes I just think about all that extra weight jarring my joints, and I worry I'll end up needing my knees replaced when I'm 40. No thanks.

My scrub pants are starting to fall off. This is annoying only because I just bought a new pair in that size. Now if only my boobs would shrink a little so I could wear my old tops.

I keep getting distracted by LOST. Maybe I should just pack it in for tonight.


Jacquie said...

Hi Maria...I just found your blog and I am looking forward to following you on your journey. I was banded on 3/24/10 so I am a newbie around here!

Maria said...

Hi Jacquie! I'm pretty new to the blog world myself. Congrats on your band and best of luck to you!

valerie said...

My doctor is always telling me not to overdo it because if you end up getting injured or hurting too much, you'll just end up having a set back since you wont be able to walk or run until you heal. I've been walking a lot more lately and figure i'll do that until I get a little more weight off so it's not so hard on my knees... I'm even feeling pain in my hip. So you're thinking of knee replacement... I actually started worrying about having to have a hip replacement. It didn't hurt *that* bad but as soon as I felt the pain, it was my first thought!