Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lots o' Stuff

Well, I kicked that goal in the patootie! My birthday goal that is. 224.5 this morning on the scale means I am back to pre-baby weight, and everything past here is new territory for me in this weight-loss journey. Pretty exciting, I think. And it's not even my birthday yet!

I don't know where I've been this week. I guess things were just busier than usual. I had to take my little guy (he's 5 months old) to the ER Wednesday night. He had a fever, which is no biggie, but I noticed his anterior fontanel bulging a little later in the day and I had a minor freak out. Luckily, his chest x-ray and urine were clear, and his fever was down, so they didn't feel they needed to do a lumbar puncture. I'm so glad -- I'm pretty sure that would've pushed me over the edge. Anywho, he's fine now.

This past week I've had three major episodes of stuckness, only one of which ended in an upchuck, thank God. I've been wondering if I am too tight, but really I think I just need to be even more careful about what I'm eating. Also, the weight continues to drop off, so I think I'll deal with it for a little while longer. The amount of food I'm eating at meals is remarkably less. For example, last night we had chicken kabobs and pasta salad for dinner: I ate 1 and a half cubes of chicken and maybe 1/4 cup a pasta salad. That's it. Still hard to get my head around that, even after all this time -- though maybe that's because I spent most of both pregnancies with an empty band, and believe me, I could really shovel it in!

So things are going well. Another 10 lbs and I'm going to need to buy new scrubs for work! I need to do some measurements too. I'll try to post those later this weekend.

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-Grace- said...

Way to show that birthday goal who's boss!!!

I'm glad the little guy is okay. Scary stuff, though.

Can't wait to hear about the new scrubs :)