Monday, May 31, 2010


I took some new measurements the other night, but all I could find to compare them to was some that I took in Sept 08 right after I had DD. So, in roughly 18 months, I've lost 25lbs of baby weight and then some, gained another 40lbs with baby #2, and lost all of that again. Wow. It's almost like I was yo-yo dieting again!

To sum up the changes in that time period, I've had a net loss of 20lbs, gone down 1 pant size, lost 2 inches from my bust, 2 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my hips, and 2.5 inches from my right thigh. Not too shabby!

I'm really hoping I can find some measurements from around the time I got banded -- it's probably on a scrap of paper somewhere. I wish I would've been better about keep records. I do, however, have some pictures that we took shortly after surgery. I had already lost 20 lbs, but so what. I'll try to get some of those together soon too.

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-Grace- said...

This is fantastic news! Congrats!! :)