Thursday, August 30, 2012


In supreme laziness style, I bring you Ten LINKS Thursday...

1. Cuz I was cleaning out my starred items in google reader and I found this, which I though you all might appreciate:

2. And, I'm super relieved to know that I'm not the only person who does this. I just don't make videos of myself doing it.

3. Some inspiration, perhaps?

4. I love things that poke fun at my guiltiest pleasures, like bad fantasy movie prog rock themes.

5. You've got to applaud this guy for his poise and sense of humor.

6. If you don't read, you should start now. This is an excellent example of the awesomeness that can be found there.

7. Funny. Funny. And Funny.

8. An article about sugar and fat loss that I've been meaning to read for about, oh, a whole year. Maybe you will get to it before me.

9. I've been reading a lot of this lately.

10. Now I'm wondering if anyone will bother to click through to anything. Hmm? No matter. I now have a few less starred items. Well, there's still about 150, and I wish I was exaggerating.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Melon Run 5k Recap!

First off, yay! I did it! 

Where to start? Well, it was a gorgeous evening. Not too hot, but not chilly either. The sun was shining, and there was a nice breeze coming off the lake. We started off the night with Tater Tot running in the tot trot. I sent her off the start line and hubs was waiting down the road at the turnaround, which was a good thing because she totally ran out of gas. He jogged her back in to the finish line. She did great and was so proud of herself and her shiny new ribbon! If we're FB friends, you can see her pic on my page.

Next up was the 1 mile, which was won by an 11 year old girl! She won a year's worth of Buff@lo Wild Wings! Nice, eh? 

Time for the 5 and 10k! We all took off a the same time. Our loop took us through downtown Howell, up through the cemetery along the lake edge, through the park, and back down through town. The route was fantastic. I loved running next to the lake, and the change in surface from pavement to asphalt to woodchip trail to gravel kept it interesting. I really did not like running on gravel -- it felt too slippery. There were also TONS of hills. TONS. Even the last 1/8 of a mile was up a damn hill! The course was very well staffed. There were volunteers everywhere! This was especially nice on the backside of the cemetery where the trail was right next to a pretty steep drop down to the lake.

When we were standing in the starting herd, I realized that I lost a cover off one of my earbuds. I was bummed, but I just stuck the other one it and went with it. I need to get some over the ear headphone though -- I keep sweating the earbuds right out of my ears. Gross!

My official chip time was 44:32. I am completely happy with that, as my goal was to finish under 45 minutes. Just made it! I wasn't feeling too hopeful because I walked way more than I had planned on -- those hills were killer! The next day my hip flexors were so sore I could barely move! Lots of core strengthening for this girl!

My hubby ran the 10k and clocked his best time yet at 1:05:43! Very proud of him. He has set his sights on a sprint triathlon next year. First up though is his first 1/2 marathon this October.

Next up for me is the zoo 5k in September. That course should be super flat and all pavement, so it'll be interesting to see how I fare with that!

Friday, August 17, 2012


It was a great day for a first 5k! Recap coming next week.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. Damn that Flo-Rida for penning such a catchy tune about beejers. Gotta turn the station when that comes on in the car lest my 4 year old starts singing "Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby..."

2. Nutritionist appointment today. Not looking forward to it. Mostly because I'll have to own up to not following our plan for more than two days. I'm just not feeling up to talking about it in general, so this will be fun. Not.

3. Tomorrow is my first 5k race! I'm not done with C25k yet (more on that below), but I thought, what the heck, might as well run/walk it and see what happens. I'm still signed up for the one in September and managed to recruit two friends to join me!

4. C25k. I hate to sound like a quitter, but I don't think I'm going to finish it. I'm not quitting running, but at this point (week 7), I just can't hang. I'm sticking with intervals for now. I usually run anywhere from 5-10 minutes, then walk for 2-3 minutes. I do this for a total of 30-40 minutes. Hey, it's more than I was doing a few months ago. So if you don't see anymore C25k posts on FB anymore, that's the haps. I'm also following the Nerd Fitness Running Guide workouts, so each time I run I'm doing either a core workout or a body weight workout. 

5. We are breaking the tater tot of her night-time pacifier habit. The first night was fine -- I think she was caught up in the novelty of not having it. The second night, well... she called me back to her room like 4 times, then finally the last time she was all trembly lips and teary eyes and says, "Mama, where's my paci?" Oh boy. So I had to remind her that she gave it to the paci-fairy (I know, right?) and the paci-fairy brought her a new Strawberry Shortcake movie, blah blah blah. Then she says to me, "Can we take the movie back, so I can have my paci?" Now I had to go into the whole routine about the paci-fairy gave her paci to a new baby that needed it. Oh the tangled webs we weave! All for a damn paci. From a near 4-year-old. Hopefully tonight will be better. The best part was when she said, "But I don't want to give it to the paci-fairy! I want to put in the garbage!" Well, hell, if I'd known that I could've skipped the whole paci-fairy story in the first place!

6. On Pandora right now...Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club. Good stuff.

7. My little guy got his finger pinched in a door at daycare last week and the nail is about to fall off. If it were my own finger, I'd have probably ripped it off by now, but I'm pretty sure it would scar him for life if I did it to him!

8. One of my favorite non-band blogs to read is The Great Fitness Experiment. Here is a recent post that actually made me LOL.

9. Earlier this week I had two stellar sugar-free days. Then Wednesday I went totally off the deep end and over the course of the day actually had 3 candy bars. And a glass of Bailey's. And a muffin. And a popsicle. Why can't I find a damn happy medium? It's a good thing we don't have a lot of junk in the house, because I'm sure I would've eaten it.

10. For a minute just now, my keyboard would only type capital letters (I swear it wasn't the capslock because I hit it numerous times), and I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO TYPE MY ENTIRE LAST BULLET POINT LIKE THIS. JUST LIKE THIS! ARE YOU READING IT IN YOUR HEAD IN A LOUD AND ANGRY VOICE? haha. Had to do it. Also, there is a hilarious joke about dyslexics and the word capslock. I'm at work, so you'll have to google it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blogger alert!

I almost forgot... go check out Harmony:

She was banded in July, and I just think she is hilarious. Give the girl some BOOBs love!

Le sigh

Today I took tater to the dentist (She did so good. I was very proud!), and we met my mom for lunch afterwards. Somehow we ended up talking about my band and my gastroparesis, etc. And, like an idiot, I mention that I would consider revising to the sleeve if it came to that. Ugh. Why did I go there? Of course, my mom then launches into her usual speech about how she knows my patterns and the sleeve isn't a good idea, etc, etc. I really don't understand it, but certain people seem to take every opportunity to list out my flaws and tell me why I'm not losing weight. I just want someone to listen for once. Like I don't know how fucked up I am in the weight loss department, thank you very much. The part that I really can't figure out is why no one sees me shutting down when this happens. I physically feel myself turning off -- isn't it apparent?

Thursday I have an appointment with the nutritionist, which will be awesome because I'll have to own up to not following our plan at ALL. Really looking forward to it.

What the fuck. Just seriously, what. the. fuck.

And, because I feel bad for unloading my darkness on you, I will leave you with a positive: I didn't give in to my sugar cravings. Even when all I wanted to do was lose myself in a bag of peanut butter M&Ms, I came home and had a proper snack instead.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Things Friday!

Because I missed Ten Things Thursday...

1. I weighed in this morning, and that was not-so-fabulous, but I'm determined not to let it get to me. Still hovering just under 220. Lord help me if I ever see that second 2. Moving on.

2. I saw my new shrinky dinky doo yesterday. I think it's going to work out. I'll have to do a lot of work schedule finagling to make it happen, but I really think she is the right person for me right now. I feel a great weight lifted already.

3. Question for the masses: Anyone have any experience taking antidepressants "as needed"? If so, what was it and how did that work for you? This was a suggestion made to me for getting through my PMS week, which has really gotten out of control. Thought I'd get some man-on-the-street (or lady-on-the-net, if you will) opinions first.

4. You know what is really irritating? Whenever I regain, all of it seems to go in my gut, so now I have to buy new jeans even though I'm the same weight that I was LAST September. WTF?

5. This week we have our annual family party on my hubby's side. His mom is one of ten kids, so there's about 80 of us including hub's cousins and their kids. It's a lot of fun -- I'm just hoping it doesn't rain!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1. I'm going to stop talking about food in terms of "good" and "bad". I mean it. I charge all of you with calling me out in the comments if I do it. I'm going to start right now. I ate a piece of pizza for dinner and I really fucking enjoyed it! So there!

2. I was thinking about how much more I swear in Chicago with you guys than I do in normal daily life. At work, I have to curb it because I'm a supervisor and because of patients. At home, I have to curb it because of the kids. So there's 90% of my life right there. Once I'm away from both of those... prepare yourselves!

3. I'm working an afternoon shift today, which means almost everyone has gone home now and I can dance around my office with little fear of getting caught. It's the little things.

4. This morning I had a PT appointment. I'm so over the trainers at my gym. I've been trying to stick with this one guy because at least he's not a total douche-nozzle. His personal training knowledge? Minimal. And yes, I feel fully able to judge because not only do I have all the classes towards a masters in Exercise Science, I also was once certified as a personal trainer. Oh, the places life takes us! Anyway, this morning he asks what I want to work on, so I say Upper Body. He then says, Chest/Tris or Back/Bis? I gave him the eyebrow because we had this conversation three weeks ago where I explained to him that I am NOT an advanced bodybuilder and that for the best results, I should be doing full body workouts since I only lift twice a week. At the very least, I could do a upper/lower split. If he makes me only do back/bis, then that means my back is only getting worked once every other week. Not going to do much for me. Ugh. He also insists on making me do leg extensions, which are so horrible for your knees. I'm always saying, let's go squat or deadlift and he ignores me. I wish I was not so impulsive, otherwise I would not have signed up for this clown show for a whole year. Damn!

5. Tomorrow is rest day and I'm so glad. My poor hips are still recovering from Wednesdays run. How does one ice their hips? Is that even possible?

6. My fingernails are getting too long. But I don't have time for a manicure. Come to think of it, I haven't even had a pedicure this summer! I usually get one for my birthday in June, but I never used my gift card. Hmmm. Maybe this weekend. My feets are nasty!

7. Tomorrow is also weigh-in day! I've stuck to my word and ignored the scale all week. I've felt like my eating was on plan about 75%. We'll see if that was enough to buy me a loss.

8. On my Pandora station right now: Don't You Evah by Spoon.

9.My hubby is on a kick to use up all of our stocked up pantry food before we move. One thing we've really been hitting hard is the tea. We have TONS of tea. We've been making pot after pot of iced tea, and we still have 10 bags of regular tea, one box of earl grey, and a half box of miscellaneous herbal teas. This doesn't even count the three containers of loose tea. Yikes. 

10. Laminating is fun. Just sayin'.