Monday, May 17, 2010

Mini goal: Check!

If you remember three weeks ago, I set a mini-goal to be sub 230 by today, my fill appointment day. Well, I did it! 229.5 this morning! This means I am a mere 4.5 lbs away from the 50lb mark and my pre-baby weight. Everything after that is new territory for me post-band.

I'm still feeling a little wishy-washy about getting a fill, but I think I'll ask for just a small one. I have a 4cc band, and I've never tolerated more than 2ccs in it. I'm at 1cc right now, with pretty good restriction, so perhaps 0.25 will give me that little bump I'm looking for. I spent four months of my first year banded too tight and living on chili and ice cream. Let me tell you, you don't lose weight that way! At least I can say I've learned from that mistake. How did I get that tight and stay there for so long you ask? Here's a little of my band history for you...

I had my surgery January 22, 2007. My doc was fairly conservative with fills, until that fall rolled around and she announced she was closing her practice and moving to Chicago. I happened to be going in for a fill, and she gave me a hefty one that put me at a little over 2ccs. At this point, I had lost about 25lbs (I'm a very slow loser compared to most others I read about). A few weeks later, she backed me off to 1.9 or so right before she left, and there I sat. Slider foods all the way. Then I got preggo with #1, and found myself a new fill doc. I'm really happy with him, as he is much more hands on in the fact that he'll give me a fill and then want to see me in six to eight weeks to keep up. My original doc would give me a fill, then just send me on my way. I don't want to make her sound absent, she was in fact extremely accessible. I just felt like I needed a little more hand-holding at first, and I didn't get that from her. I always wonder what happened to her -- we kept in touch at first, but it sort of tapered off.

Anyway, since I spent almost 2 of the last three years pregnant, it's not too much of a surprise that I haven't lost more weight. I have a lot of confidence though. Now that I'm done having kids and I have Dr. K behind me, I think I am going to finally get there!

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