Monday, September 20, 2010

Simmer down!

No more anxiety-ridden posts from me this week -- only love!

I pulled up my suitcase from the basement tonight, but didn't quite get to packing. Stopped at Walgreens for a few travel-size items. I made a giant list of things to pack at work today -- it still needs some work. I like lists.

Tomorrow I need to scope out the train station. It's right in my downtown, but I've never actually paid much attention to it. I'm pretty sure it's just an awning and a slab of cement next to the tracks, and I don't want to be searching for it in the dark on Friday morning. I told hubs I was nervous about walking from the garage over to the station that early, and he laughed at me. He said if anyone tried to mug me, I should just break out my Krav (Krav Maga, if you're wondering) on them. Maybe I'll just swing my 80lb suitcase in their general direction -- that should take out any attackers! Wait... didn't I say no more anxiety?

Right now hubs is trying to explain some football thing to me. I don't think he noticed how my eyes glazed over.

Sooooo.... I don't think I'm going to make my 215 by Friday. Aunt Flo is visiting, so it's entirely possible that I may pee out 2lbs of water retention by then, but I'm not counting on it. I've just been focusing on making better food choices. Haven't quite made it to the gym yet. I'm okay with this. My fill is less than a week away, and I will come up with a good end of year challenge for myself.

Today's Eats:
6:45a - 1 scoop Nectar in water
10:00a - 1 Quaker fiber granola bar thingy
12:15p - 1/2 turkey burger patty with guac spread, 1/2 cup fettucine with butter
3:30p - 2 brownie bites (I need my chocolate during my TOM!)
6:45p - 1 bowl of hubby's homemade chicken soup. Yum!

Off to bed with me. Good night bloggers! I feel my PMS lifting already... I should be in a stellar mood by Thursday!


Kerri said...


And no more anxiety ridden posts from me either!!! Promise!

DiZneDiVa said...

Yippee! Only a few days away! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

Jacquie said...

We are not even all together yet and many of us have TOM! Very interesting.