Thursday, September 2, 2010

Band naming needed!

Yesterday at work, I got stuck on my sandwich. Actually, the sandwich went down fine, it was the four bites of cheesecake I had afterword that got stuck. Who gets stuck and slimes with no fill? Me. Crazy. Maybe that is my lesson for daring to eat cheesecake. Maybe my band would be nicer to me if I gave her a name rather than refer to her as the beeyotch all the time. There's your mission: name my band.


blither blather said...


Stephanie said...

My vote goes for Suzie.

I say Suzie, because my favorite imaginary name is Suzie Creamcheese (I use her as an example for everything) and when I think of cheesecake, I think of creamcheese, hence, Suzie. She will be a reminder of that cheesecake and your band. :)