Sunday, September 19, 2010

More on my shopping trip today

This whole time I've been having second thoughts about my Dress Barn purchase. It's a cute dress, but I didn't feel like I looked that great in it. At this point in my weight loss career, if I put that much money into something, I better feel absolutely fantastic with it on. This new dress is really nicely made and can definitely be taken in as I get thinner. I also love it on me and don't even feel like I need my "foundation garments." The trick will be getting it to Chicago without it turning into a wrinkled mess. Hotels have steamers, don't they?

Anywhoozle (to borrow from Draz and others), this shopping trip, apart from the awesome dress purchase, was seriously depressing. I'm a very picky shopper -- I get an idea in my head about what I'm looking for and nothing else will do. This is especially unfortunate when you are a plus-size shopper with limited stores to choose from. I started at Parisian because they have their Goodwill Sale going on right now. The selection there was dismal -- no dresses above a 16 that I could tell. I did score a cute pair of ankle boots though (so I guess there were two good things about my trip).  Lord n Taylor and Macy's were next -- nothing. Then I went to Torrid where a very nice girl got me lots of cute things to try on, except I realized in the dressing room that I'm 34, not 24, and bar pants and a sequined tank are just not me anymore. Depressing. Lane Bryant even let me down. I found a cute gray and black leopard print skirt, but they didn't have my size. Poo.

The real bummer about this whole thing is that I let a few hours of bad shopping completely negate my progress so far. I found myself thinking... What the hell? I've lost almost sixty pounds and I still look like a frumpy slob? Still? What is it going to take? I had to remind myself that three years ago, I probably would have been crying because there wouldn't have been a sweet Calvin Klein dress in my size that was even remotely wearable. Or that wouldn't make me look like a sack of potatoes. The bottom line is, I did find a dress that I love (even my mom thought it looked great). And I'm not a frumpy slob anymore. Sometimes I still frump out, but as the mother or two under two, I reserve that right!

I do have to say, I'm glad a lot of you were talking about how sizes have changed because today I was wearing a size 22 pair of jeans from LB that are about 6 years old. How depressing is that?! Especially when I'm fitting into 16s and 18s in the stores! Damn you, vanity sizing!

All that mall walking counts as exercise too, right? And I was supposed to start packing for this weekend!


Bonnie said...

I always travel with a small iron, so if the hotel can't help with steaming you can use my iron. We are so hard on ourselves, aren't we? I'm 26 lbs less and I'm barely one size smaller. WTF? But, I am 26 lbs less, so I really should be happy with that. Congrats on finding a dress. I'll be in slacks and a blouse.

Jacquie said...

We are going to be having so much fun it won't matter what we have on! You'll look great and feel great just being with a bunch of friends! I cannot wait for this weekend!!!

Stephanie said...

Just sent you an email...:)

Jennifer said...

I'm bringing my handheld steam wand - you are welcome to use it!