Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cats and clothes

My mom came over today to help me take the cats to the vet (more on that in a bit) and to help me shop for some Chicago items. Shopping with my mom can be risky, but I really needed someone to be objective. And my mother will definitely give me the last word on whether I can get away with wearing something. Plus, I think she was a little excited (just like me) that I was finding a ton of stuff to try on. For the record, she is a teensy weensy little size 6. I think she was probably a size 0 when she got married. Seriously. Tiny. Person. So you can imagine how enormous I felt being compared to her all the time -- but that's another post for another time.

Back to the shops... After tons of trying on tons of stuff, all I ended up with was the dress from Dress Barn (see previous post) and two little sweaters. One is a very lightweight brown number that I still need something to put under. The other is a fluttery black jersey cardi which I thought would be good for Friday night (it will be perfect for bar-going, if that happens to be part of Friday night). Both sweaters were right around $20 each, which is in keeping with my rules about not spending too much money on things that won't fit me in two months.

When we got back to my house, I tried on all my jeans and khakis that I had in the closet. I got two pairs for the sisterhood (not sure if they'll make it to Chicago, so I'll post them later). I also attempted to wiggle into my spanx and failed miserably. Seriously people, I do not get the spanx. I bought these things for my honeymoon cruise and actually remember being in tears trying to get them on! I will instead be smoothing myself with your basic power panty / girdle type thing from Cacique. Whatever. It works.

So, all in all, I'm mostly set to pack for Chi-town. Except for shoes... that is going to be a problem. I am a total shoe whore. I have at least four pair out at any given time, and they all live right next to the side door. My husband has dubbed this area the "Payless Shoe Store". I'm really trying to pare down to three pair in my luggage, but sometimes a girl just likes to have options.

About the kittens... I actually only managed to get two of the three cats to the vet this morning. The other one hid in the basement, and there was just no finding him. Of the two that did go, one gained two pounds and the other lost two pounds, which was a bit worrisome. So almost three hundred dollars later, I now know that Snickers does not have parasites, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or UTI. Still waiting on the thyroid panel. And she and Mr. Baby are finally up to date on their shots. Mr. Baby is a beast now at 13lbs. Sheesh.

Oh yeah, 217.1 on the scale this morning. Two more to go... can she do it?

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Stephanie said...

I think it's a really cute dress!!! :)