Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Motivation... or whatever it's called

Bullet time!
  • Carmen was talking about finding her hipbones today, and it reminded me of last week when I had my pre-stent-removal xray. The technician kept pressing really hard on my hipbones to locate them and line up the xray correctly (so I assume). It didn't hit me until reading Carmen's post that A) the tech didn't have to feel around for them. She just went right there. And B) there wasn't as much padding there and that's probably why it hurt a little. Muy interesante.
  • I have an annoying NSV. Annoying, but NSV nonetheless. Those size 18 jeans I bought at Target a few days ago? Um, too big. Yes, in hub's words, falling off my ass. Great. $20 wasted. I didn't even try on the 16s because, well, just BECAUSE. That is what I get! I guess I will have to drop another $20 before BOOBS so I don't accidentally drop trou on you guys!
  • I have set myself up for success this week. Lunch is packed for tomorrow. Ipod is charging. Protein powder purchased (Nectar Fuzzy Navel, if you care). Gym bag... okay not packed. But I can always come home and walk the neighborhood before the daycare run. Today was the third work day in a row that I have eaten a Lean Cuisine instead of buying lunch. Gotta get these food habits under control before the fill. I'm feeling pretty good.
  • Weight this morning: 217.4. Goal: 215 for BOOBS.
Peace out!


Linda said...

Maria - I have some Old Navy 16's. They are shorts (I'm 5"4 1/2), but if you want them I can bring them to Chicago. Email me at lindasbandwidth (@)
Also - maybe try to exchange the Target jeans - they take anything back. :)

Joey said...

I ALSO have Old Navy size 16s if you'd like them. They are tall (I'm 5'11").

Agreed - Target will take anything back :)

Maria said...

Thanks you guys! Unfortunately, it's getting too cold here for shorts (and I hope I will be at least a 12 by next summer!), and Joey, I'm only 5'4", so your jeans would be way too long.

Dinnerland said...

Thanks for the supportive comment on my blog-- I will try to pick up the stress relieving vibes.

Carmen said...

awesome :-)
yeah return those suckers!!

Sandy Lee said...

Take the jeans back to Target. Say they don't fit. You wouldn't believe what people take back, even a year later.

Stephanie said...

Take them back to target, but if not, you can always donate them to the sisterhood! You and I are the same size, so unfortunately, I have nothing to give to you!! :( But, honestly, isn't it sort of an awesome problem to have!!??

Can't wait to see you in Chicago!