Thursday, July 1, 2010

July plans... I need 'em!

The last few days have been interesting. I've made some poor food choices, yet I got my workouts in. Don't even ask me what I had for breakfast today (Egg McMuffin). The scale is holding steady right around 215.8... less than a pound away from my next milestone of 60 lbs off. It's so darn close, and it's feeling like even more of a challenge because of the unfill. It's very frustrating because I know I've been "testing" my band again. Ever since I read Band Groupie's SOB story, I have vowed to stop that. She wrote, "The point is not to see how much you CAN eat after each fill, rather it's to see how LITTLE you can eat and still stay satisfied until the next meal" This really grabbed me, and after three and half years with this thing, that one little sentence changed my entire way of thinking. So thank you, Band Groupie!

Back to my bad habits. Because of this little backslide, I feel like I need to set some really good goals for this month, especially with surgery coming up. And because of the surgery, they need to not be all weight-related.

Gall bladder eviction is scheduled for the 21st, so I have twenty days to make the most of. After that, I will concentrate of maintenance for the last 9 or 10 days of the month, since I probably won't be able to exercise. My next fill is scheduled for August 2.

Goal 1: Workout at least 4 days per week, with at least two of those including weights. I did my 1 rep max workout yesterday, so I have my program all set up. I'll do Zumba/Pilates on Saturday mornings too.

Goal 2: No Sonic drinks for breakfast. I'll allow myself a treat now and then, but I really need to concentrate on good breakfast nutrition.

Goal 3: Okay, one weight goal. On 7/21, I will weigh 210 or less. Gives me chills just thinking about it!

In other news, I need to get my butt in gear and study for the second part of the EEG registration exams. I passed the written portion last October, and I would like to take the orals this coming October. I'm so NOT feeling it though. I know I need to suck it up and finish it (finish ANYthing), but most of the time I feel like it's either about my kids (they're still babies) or about losing weight. A person can only focus on so many things at once, ya know? On that note, how about...

Goal 4: Read over my board prep materials for at least 10 minutes a day, each work day. Even if I have to do it during lunch.

With that, I bid you all good night.


Janice said...

I think I could benefit from a few goals and a little focus myself. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially with little ones. (mine are teenagers now...a different kind of busy :) I think you will feel a whole lot lighter (mentally & physically) once you get the EEG examps out of the way. Hang in there and have a great holiday weekend!

Jenny said...

Love your goals! You can totally make 210!

This weeks theme should be getting back to basics!

Sandy Lee said...

Since you are having surgery-get in the exercise. You will recover so much faster. Really. Walking, Zumba, whatever. Your lungs will thank you for it.