Friday, July 23, 2010

Chillin like a villain!

That's what I should be doing anyway. Of course, being home, sans kids, I just cannot sit still. I'm sure I'll be paying for it when I go back to work on Monday.

Surgery day I was pretty tired, and I really didn't do much of anything that day. My mom stayed with us overnight to help with the kidlets, and the next morning I took advantage of her organizational skills. We got some of the little guy's clothes put away (I still had a basket full of 0-3s sitting around in his room taking up space), reorganized the bathroom cabinet/drawers, and reorganized the linen closet. It felt so good to get that done.

Today my dad came over for a visit. My sister came over too with my new niece. This was nice -- we don't see our dad much since our parents divorced. He lives just far away enough for it to be an annoying drive. Plus, he's remarried and has two teenage stepkids. I do try to make an effort, and I know he does too. Much more to be said there, but that's for another day.

Tomorrow I am getting a pedicure (whee!), and napping, and hopefully going out to dinner, if we can actually decide where we want to go. We are so horrible about that. I'm thinking Cuban... skirt steak with chimichurri. We were considering going to see Inception at the theatre, but my right shoulder is still killing me, so I don't think I could sit for two hours. Netflix, it is.

I was checking out my incisions today and realized I now have ten, yes TEN, surgical wounds on my stomach! Five from banding, one from a c-section, and four from the chole. Crazy. They put this glue-like stuff over top, so no stitches or anything. Even on the big one! It's like a two-incher. I guess that is where they pulled the gall bladder out. One of them is a little sore -- it is by far the best looking one, but it feels like it's bulging a bit. Maybe I'm imagining it.

I'm thinking picture post tomorrow too. You lucky ducks!

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