Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I can't talk right now...

My mouth is seriously still numb from having my cavities (yes, I meant it plural) filled this afternoon at 4:30. I know. It's taking forever. I just forgot for a minute and tried to drink out of a glass only to have water dribble down my chin.

First, let's examine how in hell I came to have a mouth full of cavities in my 30s when I haven't had a problem since I was like ten. Was it pregnancy? Was it being on the calcium-channel blocker for my post pre-eclampsia blood pressure? Did I eat too much junk food when I was preg? Do I just not floss my teeth enough. Is swishing my mouth with cola before I go to bed wrong? Just kidding.

Now let's talk about how I stopped to get myself a drink on the way home from the dentist thinking I would be ok to drink out of a straw. Not. So, I take a decent size slurp through the straw, detect a weakness in my lip seal on the numb side, try to clamp it down, and instead shoot an arc of tea about two feet away from me. That was the end of THAT! No dinner for me tonight, which is ok because I wasn't even feeling that hungry. I was also afraid that if I tried to chew anything I might actually end up chewing half of my cheek off. That would be gross.

Then... I know you'll love this... I went through the drive up at Walgreens to pick up a Rx refill, and the girl could not understand what I saying over the intercom! I had to go in and give her my license because it was simply impossible for me to properly enunciate the letters that make up my last name with my tongue and lip all numb and fat feeling.

Five hours later it is finally getting mostly back to normal. I finally feel like I can safely fall asleep without being in danger of biting off my tongue. That would be a bummer.

In weight news... I think my period is on it's last legs, and I peed about eight bazillion times at work today, so maybe the scale will be kind to me in the morning.


-Grace- said...

It may be pregnancy. I have a friend who had her teeth crumble out of her jaw. Gross, right?
Now she has dentures. No joke. She's not even 35. Okay, not to terrify you, seriously. Cavities are nowhere near the issues she had.

I hope that your numbness goes away. I hate that feeling!

Btw, your swishing with Coke comment made me LOL like a crazy person!

Janice said...

Yep, I was taking you seriously right up to the "swishing with Coke" part. :)

Numb mouths after dental work are a pain. I agree you are not hungry and nothing sounds good.

Hope the scale is good to you tomorrow.

Kerri said...

I bet pregnancy. I got my first cavity in my 30's too! Now my teeth are all jacked up! Kids!!!

amandakiska said...

Those little fetuses suck all the calcium out of our teeth, I'm afraid. If it makes you feel any better, I'm still laughing at your post!