Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sisterhood of the traveling underpants?

In my quest to find new undergarments, I bought a 3-pack at Target and they are just not doing it for me. I tried on one pair over my current undies, so there is no nastiness! I will post details soon along with some jeans. Oh yeas, people. I dug up some pantalones from our basement closet. I am fitting into 18s now, dontcha know. I think it's about time to say sayonara to my size 22 jeans from the LB. If this is sounding weird, it's because I just had me a big ol' margarita, and I need to go sleep it off!


-Grace- said...

Hell yes for your size 18s!! You're not in the 20s anymore! :)

Beth said...

hell yes for the margarita!!!!!!!!