Monday, June 28, 2010

It's gonna be a looooong five weeks.

Well, so long restriction. I got unfilled today. Le sigh.

It had to happen after this weekend's debacle. Truth be told, I'm looking forward to eating some chicken breast and broccoli for dinner tomorrow. I didn't go crazy today because I'm having an Upper GI tomorrow morning to check for a slip. I actually don't plan on going crazy at all. Must continue my downward trend!

So, I'll admit to being a little nervous and anxious about being empty for the next five weeks. These past few months have been pretty exciting for me in the weight loss department that I hate to think of it all coming to a grinding halt. Then, though, I remind myself that I can go all hardcore for a few weeks. Really, it's just two short spans of time. Three weeks until gall bladder surgery, then a few days of recovery, then two more weeks of hardcore. Add a little extra exercise in the mix, maybe the occasional food journaling, and I think this can be a success. I'll be thrilled if I manage to lose five or six pounds. Can you tell I'm giving myself a pep talk?

Slap me if you catch me in the Sonic drive-thru.


Beth said...

You can do it! believing in yourself is half the battle, then all you need is a little self control, some perserverance and there ya go. Plus how nice would it be to show yourself that even when you don't have the band to back you up you still can lose weight - that would be a great confidence booster no??

Maria said...

You are so right Beth! Thanks for the pep talk :) I'm sure I will need many more!

Band Groupie said...

I say my GB and all those stones was worth at least a pound...the surgery got my WL moving again...and consider yourself slapped (just in case I miss you at the drive thru).

Jenny said...

I'm sorry that you had to get the unfill. I really hope that you get some relief. The band is definately not supposed to be a punishment!

Sandy Lee said...

Hope you do well "unfilled" for a bit. And noooo drive-thru's. Nasty stuff there.