Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maybe more surgery for me...

The cafe at work had loaded baked potato soup today -- it is my favorite thing they serve. Well, it ain't workin' for me today! I think I had six or seven "bites" and just KNEW it was going to do me in. We were very busy this afternoon, so I most definitely did not have a half hour to stand over a toilet, spitting. No sirree.  It was about an hour before I even felt comfortable drinking again. So strange.

Thanks for the lunch ideas... keep 'em coming! Part of my problem is the planning, or lack there of. Something to improve upon.

Now, about the surgery... it's not band related. Thank God. It's the ol' gall bladder. I had some fairly bad abdominal pain about a year ago, had a full workup over two nights in the hospital. Finally, I had a biliary scan, and it showed my gall bladder has an ejection fraction of 1.5%. That is nothing. That is pretty much NOT functional. So, I saw a surgeon, but he wouldn't touch me because I don't have frequent gall "attacks." My thing is just a bloaty feeling with certain foods, sometimes stomach pain, and a bowel that is unusually responsive. For instance, my husband swears I am making this up, but if I eat plain M&Ms, I will be farting up a storm in under 10 minutes. He says it's not possible, but I have proven it on many occasions.

Fast forward to Monday when I saw my new physician (as of six months ago). We went over all my history, the band, the gall bladder, the ulcer, etc, and he thought I should get a second opinion on the surgery. I'll be seeing their surgeon this coming Monday. Should be interesting. Definitely NOT looking forward to having my band unfilled again. I'm actually considering having my band doc do the chole (if it comes to that), so he could do my adjustments right then and there.

We also switched my blood pressure meds from ProCardia to Lotensin, and I'm hoping that controls me a little better. I was really hoping that dropping 30lbs since giving birth would take care of it, but it looks like the pre-eclampsia has done me in.

And now, I need a nap. Mike is getting the kids from daycare, so I have a blissfully quiet 45 minutes ahead of me.


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Jenny said...

45 minutes!! Alone!! Enjoy it!

I hope things get worked out with your gallbladder-being sick is the pits!!