Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carbs, carbs, go away!

I have been tempting the PB gods this week. Noodles of some sort for lunch two days in a row (mind you, I could eat only five or six), pita bread with dip for dinner tonight... What is wrong with me? At lunch today, I microwaved a Lean Cuisine Pasta Romano with Bacon. Whatever, Maria. I mean, really. I think I ate six bowtie noodles before I got that hitchy deep breath that means DON'T YOU DARE PUT ANOTHER BITE INTO YOUR MOUTH DUMMY! So I didn't. And my lunch mates realized they are going to have to get used to my 1/2 cup lunches again. I hope they get it soon, because I hate hearing, "Is that all you're going to eat?" all the time.

Mike asked me what I wanted for my birthday dinner on Thursday. Would you believe I just couldn't come up with anything? Most of my favorites are not really tolerated by my band when it's tight. No pasta, no beef stroganoff, no steak. Oh boo hoo, poor me. And then, it hit me... cheese! I love me some cheese. Blue cheese, sheeps milk cheese, stinky cheese, cheese! I requested one or two kinds of fancy cheese and some fancy olives (I guarantee you after that salt-lick of a dinner I will not be winning the first week of the Hot Summer Meltdown). Yum! A glass of red wine, and I'm in heaven!

Back to lunches... I need some ideas. I don't like tuna, so the obvious is out. Sandwiches don't work (bread, remember?). Help me out, people!


Steph said...

I like meatballs for lunch. Aidells makes some awesome pineapple teriyaki chicken meatballs that I LOVE. I steam some broccoli and toss it with 3-4 balls. Yummy. I also make a bunch of meatloaf and freeze it in slices in plastic wrap. Grab & go. Tonight we had tacos (well, I had taco meat, salsa, and lowfat sour cream on lettuce) - tomorrow I'll have leftovers of that for lunch. I love leftovers. Chicken salad with crackers is also a good choice for me.

Maria said...

I like the meatball idea! And the taco meat. We make that quite often for dinner, but hubby usually takes the leftovers. Maybe I need to make a double meat batch next time!

-Grace- said...

It's kinda high on salt, but canned Hormel Turkey Chili without beans is pretty filling--it has 23 grams of protein in a 1 cup serving!

I also like chicken salad or egg salad. I make a Greek Chicken salad with Greek yogurt in lieu of mayo, chopped black olives, and some feta cheese. It is yummy!

I've also taken a shine to eating hummus with pretzels for lunch--since they're crunchy they go down just fine.

Jenny said...

I roll up lunch meat with cheese so its a sandwich without the bread. FF Refried beans with cheese is another staple for me, we have a microwave here.