Tuesday, June 15, 2010


First, a small scale win. 219 this morning. Goodbye 220s! Onederland grows ever closer!

NSV 1: I broke down and bought new scrub pants today... in size L. Yes L, not X L. I believe this is my first non plus size clothing purchase! Two people commented on how my pants were practically falling off of me, so I figured it was time.

NSV 2: I don't think I told you guys this yet... I went to Kohl's last weekend and discovered my favorite t-shirts were on sale for 4.99. I caught a look at myself in my own clothes and realized how absolutely frumptastic I am looking. Know why? Because my clothes are too damn big! So I got new tees in a 1x instead of a 2x! Yay!

NSV 3: Sunday, I nearly walked right out of a pair of shoes! Shoes are too big! Who would've thought? Maybe losing all this weight will make up for the pregnancy spread.

NSV 4: Perhaps the best one. I realized today that my gut is no longer out past my boobs. And that is without sucking it in! I'm a happy camper today!


Linda said...

Awesome NSV's! Big clothes are the worst.

Meli said...

omg wonderful!!! hearing those things makes me sooo motivated to get the lap band and start this process. i always said to myself, if i could just get my stomach and gut to not stick out further than my boobs i would look proportionate. lol. unfortunately I've found that losing weight usually happens in my boobs first! how unfair is that? i gain it in my face first (and lose it there last) and lose it in my boobs first.

congrats on these NSV's!