Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BOOBs 2011 Fun Facts!

1. How did you pick your blog name?  I remember sitting on the couch with my laptop agonizing over what to call my blog. I kept trying all kinds of different things that were already taken. I was also in the mindset that this was probably the last time I'd be able to muster the strength and courage to make it happen, thus it's my Last Train Out of Fat Land.

2.When did you start blogging? 

3. Theme of blog (weight loss, family, circus clowns, sci-fi, erotica, fly fishing, doll collecting, star wars, etc)
Mostly my lap band and weight loss, but other stuff creeps in too. 
4. Did you go to BOOBs 2010? 
Hellz to the yes!

5. When were you banded?
January 22, 2007
6. How much have you lost?
70 lbs
7. What are you most looking forward to at BOOBs?  
 Seeing all my pals from last year, and meeting lots of new ones!
8.What/who do you hope to find/see/accomplish at BOOBs 2011? 
Stephanie and I will be having many a philosophical discussion on the works of Olivia Newton John. Rollerskates and greek mythology may be involved. Feel free to join us!

9.Children? Pets?
2 kids. The tater tot is 3 next month and the little guy is 20 months. Yes, I'm crazy like that. I also have 3 cats: Snickers, Julius, and Mr. Baby. Yes, I'm even crazier like that.
10. Who is your roomie? 
Grace and Kristen

11. What day do you arrive? 
My train is rollin' in around 4pm on Thursday.

12. What airport/flight/time? 
Union Station

13.What events are you signed up for? 
Friday afternoon Chicago Detours tour and the drag show. I am playing the rest by ear.

I am a voracious reader. And I am currently addicted to Lego Star Wars on my DS. I am a nerd, in case you haven't realized it yet.
15. Career? 
I've been doing stress testing and EEGs for five years, but I was recently promoted to supervise a similar department.

16. Single? Married? In a relationship? 
Married almost 6 years.

17. Your birthday month?
18. What do you want other BOOBs to know about you?
I like to laugh alot... I always go for the gross-out when presented the opportunity. No subject is taboo with me. I like to think I can party down, but let's face it... I have two toddlers at home, and it'll be a miracle if I make it past midnight. Anyone remember our pajama party in the Bama girl's room last year?


Stephanie said...

I am so watching Xanadu tonight. There has been jack crap on anyway and my daughter Sarah really has to be exposed to the finer talents of Sonny Malone and Danny McGuire as they open their dream nightclub. Plus, she loves rollerskating so she might actually like it now. Yes, I admit I forced her to watch it when she was 4. She could not appreciate the magnificence of ELO and Olivia. What does she know? She likes Justin Bieber. The brainwashing must start now!

Cece said...

I'm going to try and find you on myfitnesspal.com .. I need all of the help I can get - thanks !

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I also hope to catch you whispering about me in Chicago again this year!! I can't wait to see you again...and look girls, we need to talk. I saw Xanadu in 1978 at the movie, as a teenager, wearing a knit tunic and pant suit, looking 9 kinds of fine, with my Farah Fawcett hair do...and I swear it's the only movie I have ever wanted to walk out on! Well, I lie...Godzilla too. I had no idea it had a cult following of 2 wonderful girls that I adore. Still, I think it's horrible! We'll discuss at length over drinks!

Kristin50 said...

I am anxious to meet you Roomie! I don't know about the whole Xanadu thing either, it was a pretty baaad movie. However, I love ELO and Olvia so I won't judge too harshly! LOL

I am certain my love of Country Music might irritate a few as well! I am a country girl coming to the Big City! Watch out, I don't get out much, but when I do......hehehehehehehe.

MandaPanda said...

Hmm...didn't know you were a crazy cat lady. Good to know! lol

Read said...

Yay!! Great answers!!