Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Night Refocus - Hardcore Style

This Sunday night refocus session is actually a little exciting for me. Having just had a not so good food week on vacation, hubs and I are both starting a major overhaul tomorrow. I really didn't pig out too badly on vacation -- it helps that my inlaws eat really healthy, it was more that I drank EVERY night. It's just not something I do. FIL and I did do a 40 minute walk on a dune trail one morning, and MIL and I took the kids out for lots of walks, but there was not much real exercise happening. I decided not to bum myself out too much and I avoided the scale Saturday, and then I just totally flaked on weighing this morning for the BOOBs challenge. Oh well. Tomorrow I'm back on it for realz.

Our plan is, as usual, nothing fancy. Meat, veggies, minimal fruit, no liquid calories, and alcohol no more than once a week. We have lots of good stuff in the freezer so there is no excuse to eat garbage for dinner. Breakfasts for me this week will be either a protein shake or bacon and fruit from the cafeteria. Lunches will be either soup/leftovers from home or chicken/fish/veggies from the cafeteria. I'm even avoiding salads because I can't control myself with the blue cheese dressing. Dinners are planned out in advance:
Monday: buttermilk herb chicken with broccoli slaw
Tuesday: beef chimichangas with corn relish
Wednesday: rotisserie chicken with spinach
Thursday: dijon pork loin with zucchini
Friday: fish tacos with leftover corn relish

I'm hoping this vacation was enough to recharge me for work. The last week was super stressful, and I'm hoping that being away from everything will help me to look at things a little differently or at least not get so worked up about stupid crap. Oh yeah, and I finally found some work pants! New York & Company to the rescue! They're 18s, but I don't care -- they fit really great and do not cut into my gut when I sit down. Awesome! I may just manage to look professional a couple days a week!

Grace's and my train tickets for Chicago arrived in the mail this week -- makes it seem that much closer! Whee!


Stace said...

that sounds like a great dinner menu. Can we come over?? lol.

Anonymous said...

Your dinner menu made me hungry!

Stephanie said...

um...Can I invite myself over for dinner? LOl Sounds great and it sounds like you are on target for doing everything right! I think I
m going to copy a few thigns from your menu, becuse I've been trying to come up with a plan for this week. Glad to hear you got your tickets! So exciting!

Amanda said...

I can't wait to meet you in ChiTown! Oh and like the other ladies I am coming for dinner this week!

Laura Belle said...

Yes, I agree, I'm coming over for dinner. Every. Night. Yum!

Dawnya said...

I think it is awesome how you refocus every week. I'm so stealing this concept from you.

I want some of your Tuesday dinner.

Ronnie said...

Those planned dinners sound amazing! Sounds like you did well on vacation, even if there were more drinks than you'd like to admit. ;)