Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just a quickie...

I was just checking out my stats page, and my latest search term was "landboobs." I don't know what they are, but apparently, they lead you to my blog. Awesome!

Also, I cancelled my blood donation for tomorrow because I feel like a pile of garbage. I bought some Airborne, so hopefully that will help give me a little boost.

Last minute laundry happenin' now. Last minute errands tomorrow. Now I must go organize. Let the packing commence!

One more thing... I am totally wearing my tennies during the day, so you can just ignore me from the ankles down. I'm saving the foot pain for the evenings!


Ronnie said...

I was hoping I wouldn't be the only one wearing sneakers. :)

And landboobs... interesting. LOL

kagead said...

Yep, will be wearing some sort of sneakers during the day. Actually going whole hog and will be sporting some yoga pants & hoodies to complete the look. Don't judge me. :)

Kristin50 said...

I will be just as comfy so don't worry ladies LOL