Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday already?

Yikes. I haven't exercised yet.

I have a fill appointment today, but in the first time in my band history, I don't plan on asking for a fill. The heat and humidity keep me fairly tight, and when you combine that with the occasional period tightness, well... I think I'm fine right where I'm at. We'll see what he says.

Food yesterday:
6a: Starbucks Double Shot (I love these damn things!)
9a: 2 pieces of dried mango and a handful of almonds
12p: 2 chicken tenders from cafeteria and a few bites of broccoli
3p: 10 rice crackers
6p: 1/2 angus snack wrap from McDonalds and a Strawberry Lemonade

So, okay, not my finest day of eating. You can see, though, that volume is not an issue. I really need to start packing a lunch again. I'd be so much better off with a few pieces of lunch meat or leftover chicken than eating fried crap from the cafeteria.

My appointment isn't until 10, so if I can get hubs and the kids out of the house by 8, I should have time to exercise and shower before I have to leave. Hell, if they leave by 7:30, I could do my kettlebell workout AND take a walk. 

Have you ever run into someone who hasn't seen you since you were thin? As in, they didn't know you as a fat person? And now, you are heavier than you were when they knew you, but you don't feel that way because you've already lost so much weight? I very nearly had this happen yesterday, and this person I'm sure would've commented on my habitus, so to speak. Needless to say, I'm glad I didn't actually have to talk to them because I would've felt compelled to say something insane like, "Oh, well, you should've seen how fat I was three year ago!" Like I need to justify myself. Frustrating.


Amanda said...

Morning Sunshine!

I was supposed to get a fill yesterday but it was a no go. he feels I am in a good place. I feel I could of used a bump!

But..199.6 this morning. First it said 200.0. the scale that is what I am going to accept but I am almost there.

Yesterday I ran into someone who is a sister inlaw to my best friend....she didn't recognize me. (I see her rarely)She was like "did you get your hair cut??? It looks fantastic!" I just nodded and agreed. But hair is pretty much the same!

MandaPanda said...

Ugh! I know. It's like if you get a new doctor and they say something like "well, you're in the obese category." I want to scream "yeah but I was MORBIDLY obese 8 months ago!"

Bandita Senorita said...

I hope you were able to get your workout in this AM and that your doctor's appointment went well!!!