Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday night refocus

This weekend got away from me a little bit. Hell, the entire last week got away from me. I think it's time to institute a few weekly check-ins:
  1. Sunday Night Refocus: review the week, revisit/revise goals, plan for the week
  2. Wednesday Weigh-in: Wednesdays have historically been a good weigh-in day for me. It keeps me honest mid week, and still gives me a few days to recover for a lapse in judgement over the weekend.
So, my refocus for this week is that I need to trim down what I'm working on. I had six mini-goals last week and it was just an awful lot to keep track of. This week, my focus is on food logging. Can't fix it, if I don't know what's broken, right? I use because it works on my stone-age android phone so I can update wherever.

Ok, I lied... one more thing. I am going to try to build a habit of filling up my water jug first thing in the morning when I get to work. It's a 34oz insulated mug, so when I manage to get that in at work, it really helps my overall total. So, water and food logging it is.

Would you believe I actually went on two walks today? Hubs and I took the kids out this morning -- we went about 3/4 mile. Then later in the afternoon, I took the tater tot out to the park and up to the corner store, and that trip was just short of a mile. Not too shabby, eh? Hopefully I don't wake up tonight with charlie horses in my calves! I'm going to borrow the hub's pedometer too. I walk a ton at work, and I've always been curious just how much.

I'll leave you with a pic of the tater at the park today:


Lap Band Gal said...

GREAT job with the refocus and goal setting... what a cutie pie in the park :)

Dawnya said...

It really helps when you write everything down. You are on target for success. Keep it up. The tater tot is adorable.

Have a good week.

Bandita Senorita said...

She is super cute!!!

Good job with walking. And I think it is great you are focusing on just a couple things first.

FitBy40 said...

she is a little doll! Great job on the walking.

Ronnie said...

Good job on the exercise, and that's awesome about the refocusing - I need to refocus, too. I let my weekend get the best of me and now I'm paying for it!

And your tater tot is super cute! :)

Laura Belle said...

Ahhh, she's so adorable!

Good deal with the goals. I think you're right about having too many. it just gets all confusing and crap.

The water will help with your charlie horses too!
Water helps all!

Andrea Brooks said...

Okay I love the idea of the Sunday night refocus for the week! Those were my two goals this week too! I'm on My Fitness Pal if you want to add me as a friend (andrealeigh23). Your little girl is adorable!

MandaPanda said...

She's so beautiful. Picking a few simple goals each week is easier for me to manage too. I love your refocus and weigh in days. Good luck!