Monday, June 20, 2011

I got served.

Damn you Bob Harper and your kettlebell workout! I mean, I knew I was deconditioned, but shitballs, Bob! I didn't last 7 minutes! 20 squats and about 40 kettlebell swings later, I threw in the towel and took a shower.

Here's Mondays report card:

1. 70 oz of water? Maybe 50.
2. Minimal processed foods? Check.
3. Good source of protein at three meals? Only one, cuz I got stuck at lunch.
4. 30 minutes of exercise? 7. I tried.
5. One serving of fruit? Nope (see #3)
6. Food logging? Check!

So that is two definites, and progress towards two others. Not a bad start. I decided to try and wait to have my protein drink until a little later in the morning. I usually have it at 6 or 7, but then I end up snacking around 10. I meant to have it around 8:30 today, but I found myself putting out some fires and I had a meeting at 9, so I never drank it. I must have fallen into the got-too-hungry-so-I-couldn't-stop-myself-from-shoveling-food syndrome at lunch because I got through about 3oz of tilapia when I got the dreaded golfball feeling in my chest. I didn't eat or drink until almost 7. I had a bit of broccoli salad for dinner and called it a night.

That's my ramble for today.


Bandita Senorita said...

I hate it when I get the got-too-hungry-so-I-couldn't-stop-myself-from-shoveling-food syndrome. Ugh (but cute name :) )!

Still, good effort on trying the workout. I bet Bob is killer, so seven minutes has got to be good for your first day!

FitBy40 said...

now I'm scared, we're getting Jillian Michael's DVD this week and hubby and I are both going to try to do it. Wish us luck!

Ronnie said...

You're doing great. I probably couldn't even make it through 3 minutes of the kettlebell workout. :)

Stephanie said...

Those kettlebell workouts are the worst!!! You are a better soul than I am for doing as much as you did. Whenever I would do those with my trainer, I would be staring daggers at her!! 7 minutes of kettlebell is like 20 minutes of hell. I'm proud of you!!

Dawnya said...

Girl I would have quit after the 2nd swing. Those things are horrible. Keep up the good work though.

You are well on your way.

Jen said...

I read this and thought about you.
Now just think about where you are with food at this point and many positive changes you have made to your nutrition and the positive impact those changes have had on you!
On the days the report card doesn’t speak to your expectation, remember how far you have come to get to the point where you are SWINGING a KETTLEBELL 40 times! Baby steps, enjoy your meals and keep accepting where we are and pushing ourselves upwards and onwards. Please GOD no More KidneyStones!