Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bra talk

Would you believe that even though I have lost 70 pounds now, I am still wearing the same size bra? I know, it's completely ridic. Well, today I thought I would buy myself an early birthday present in the form of some new brassieres.

I hit up the fancy boutique downtown and got measured. I love how they do things here: they measure you in your old bra, then go out and bring you in a few bras to try. Saves you a bunch of time trying on things that just aren't going to work -- the first one she brought me was the best by far. I bought two everyday bras -- one black and one beige -- and a beige sports bra that will totally work for every day too.

Okay okay, so I know what you are waiting for. Size difference? From a 46DD to a 38G. HELL-O! As my hubby said, 38? Geez! Pretty cool, eh girls?

I won't even tell you what I spent because I am slightly horrified about it. Let's just say these babies will never see the inside of a washing machine. I even bought some fancy new lingerie powder so they can soak clean in a bowl overnight in all their delicate glory. Yeah.

Back tomorrow with my final weigh-in for my 11 week challenge!


Liz said...

I bought some new bras after 40 lbs (which is where I am still stuck, grr!), and only went down a band size. I am hoping after another 40 that there's a big difference!

Amanda said...

There is NOTHING better then a good fitting bra! I have one type of bra that I love. It took years to find it. But even with weight loss it hasn't changed in comfort. I just went down in size though! Happy! Hope you are well!?

FitBy40 said...

Every girl needs some new 'dainties' once in a while. Great job, and awesome NSV!

Ronnie said...

Awesome! :) I haven't gone down in anything other than a cup size after 55-ish pounds. What's up with that?

Sam said...

Yep, new bras are great, but I never look at the docket after I have walked out of the shop, It just scares me too much :o)

Enjoy them!!