Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still feeling the hurt

It's Thursday morning, and I am still sore from the kettlebell debacle Monday afternoon. I meant to go for a walk yesterday afternoon, but I got stuck at work an hour late, so it was straight to daycare for me. Maybe today will be better.

Wednesday's report:
1. 70 oz of water? 50.
2. Minimal processed foods? Snack mix was my downfall.
3. Good source of protein at three meals? Two.
4. 30 minutes of exercise? Nope.
5. One serving of fruit? Check!
6. Food logging? Check!

Three done and two other halfway. I've been holding off on my protein shake this week thinking that drinking it later would hold me longer in the morning. Unfortunately, what's happening is that I'm not drinking the protein at all. Instead, I'm reaching for the snack mix container (my staff keeps a good supply of junk food in the lab) and picking at that for three hours. I think today I'll drink the protein on the way to work and have a piece of fruit later on. See how that goes.

All of this, and the scale is not being kind this week. I'm hovering around 205-206, which is really bumming me out. I'm trying not to get frustrated, but you know how that goes. Hubs and I had a good talk tonight (his first 5k is coming up this Saturday!), and he said he would fully support me signing up for some kind of exercise class on the weekends. I will have to see if they are still doing free Zumba at my gym -- maybe then I won't cancel my membership!

Also, it's 4am, and I can't find anything to watch on tv even though we just upgraded our cable and have about 150 more stations to choose from. Pathetic.


Ronnie said...

I hate 4 am TV, it's so boring. Infomercials or ridiculously early news. :(

You're getting closer to your goal of doing all 6 things!

Dawnya said...

You are doing great Maria. I'm so excited that you are going to have a chance to participate in some exercise programs. I know that is something that you have wanted to do for awhile.

Keep up the good work of meeting your weekly goals.

Stephanie said...

Don't you just hate that? 50 million freakin' channels and you wind up watching an infomercial for the "Magic Bullet".

Stay strong Maria...all your work will pay off!

Bandita Senorita said...

You are doing great!

MandaPanda said...

The week is shaping up pretty good though. I need to start hitting the gym more. Hubs said he'd put the girls to bed every once in awhile so I can go so sounds like we're both lucky.