Sunday, April 25, 2010

WTF stomach?

I'm feeling a little frustrated. My stomach is hurting and my whole digestive tract just feels off. Food was going ok for me until I got home and tried chicken soup for dinner. Normally that isn't a problem, but today it was not working. A few bites in (yes, I was chewing), and the gurgles started. For me, that is a sign I need to stop eating right that second. I definitely do not need another barfing episode this week. I already have an ulcer and gastritis. Lord only knows where that crap came from.

All day at work I felt like I got punched in the kidney. Hopefully THAT is not infected.

I'm supposed to get another fill in a few weeks, and all this stomach crap makes me nervous to get it. I know I need a bit more fluid, so I guess I need to get on the stomach healing wagon, whatever that is. Bye bye coffee and thai food!

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