Sunday, April 18, 2010

I rock the squats!

31 good form squats. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. The push-ups were another story -- only 3. Upper body strength has always been a problem for me -- though I was once in shape enough to bench 100 lbs 10 times. Oh yeah. But that was a long time ago.

You know that annoying sizing that Lane Bryant switched to a year or two ago? Well, they are finally phasing that shit out. It was so awful, and although it was kind of a weird thrill to buy a size "4", it was also annoying knowing what a sham it was. And none of them fit me right. I have a size 4 in the red kind (that are a bit tight in the waist since baby #2) and a size 6 in the yellow kind (that are now falling off me, yay). Confusing much? I'll take a plain ol' 20 average thank you. Not for long though!

That reminds me. When I was emergency clothing shopping for the funeral at Dress Barn the other day, the sales woman asked me what size I needed. I told her probably a 22 (judging by what old jeans in my closet fit me now -- oh wait, thanks to LB, I no longer know what the hell size I am), and she was all, "Oh honey, I have seen 22, and you are no 22." I let her talk me into trying on some 18s and 20s, and holy crap, they fit. I was pretty jazzed about that.

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