Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh, hello again!

Two days in a row, what?!

Hubs and I were watching Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House tonight and at the part where they were arguing over what to include/exclude, etc, hubs said that was going to be us, LOL. Luckily, we are not custom building, so there's none of that crap. And we're way past that now. They are digging my basement tomorrow! They better be anyway. Or I'll be bustin' some heads. Probably not.

A small confession... You know I've gained back almost 20lbs, which really only makes me about 5lbs more than last September. But. I've been feeling like I'm going to see you in Chicago, and you're all going to be skinnier and more fabulous, and then I'm going to feel worse about it. Which is dumb, I know. Because if there is one place I will not be judged by my weight, it's at BOOBs. So I should just get over it. It would be easier if I didn't have to buy new jeans for my fat ass.

Totally random... has anyone see Prince Caspian? I was watching it the other night and fell asleep for the last twenty minutes. It's not on netflix or amazon, and I'm not paying to rent it just for that. So, can someone please email me and tell me how it ended? You're the best.


jennxaz said...

ah basements...I miss them..they really don't do them down here in Phoenix, but growing up they were great for storage and play rooms!

Laura Belle said...

I've gotten back up over the 150s again. After months of being around 145, I've gained 6 lbs in a week. UGH! But i'm going to buckle down and really work on it this next few weeks. If I'm still up there, eh, oh well, I'm still going to have a blast with you!

Beth Ann said...

FYI...I'm actually 20 pounds more than I was at BOOBs last year. It happens. We are moving on from here, right? Love ya, babe!

Ronnie said...

Holy shit. I can't remember what happened at the end of Prince Caspian! :(

Read this! lol


Linda said...

I love that you watch the same old movies I watch.
I weight more than last year in Chicago, so you won't be alone(I'm hoping I can at least wear the same jeans).
Can't wait to see you!!

Joey said...

That's the whole thing with BC3...you're not alone. My fingers are crossed that I'll be the same weight as last year. I gained 30 pound...lost 21 of it and trying to lose the last 9. It's a battle. If it were easy we probably wouldn't know each other. XO!

Steph said...

Maria, if it's any consolation, I am 20 lbs higher than I was at BOOBS last year, too. Screw it, we're going to have fun!

Catherine55 said...

Don't feel bad... I may still be at goal, but I'm 5 pounds heavier than last year, too! I could not get to the gym enough all summer! Looking forward to taking that 5 back off now that I'm in town more. Plus, BC3 is a judge-free zone. We have ALL been there many times. See you in Chicago!