Monday, July 2, 2012

June Wrap-Up

So, Milwaukee was good. I learned a lot in my class, got in two days of swimming and two gym workouts. I did drink a lot of beer, so I was up a little. The good news is, I'm down to 213.8 this morning, so I managed to recover AND lose some additional over the past week.

In band news, I'm hitting that part of summer where I almost always need an unfill. Well this year, since I'm empty already, I'm noticing I have fairly decent restriction instead of being too tight. Imagine that! I've learned that with the gastroparesis, I can't eat broccoli or cauliflower unless they are really cooked down. They just sit in my throat -- not fun. I also have been getting horrid stomachaches if I eat too much wheat (see below). For instance, on Sunday we stopped at my mom's for like 5 minutes. She had some cold pasta on the stove, so I shoved a few noodles in my mouth because I was starving. Mistake. I wasn't stuck, I just had a bad ache for almost two hours. Lesson learned. I've also been logging my food again with, and I think that's helping too.

I haven't looked at my 2012 goals in a while, so here's a recap and a progress update:

Get to Goal Weight: 170lbs - Actively working on this now instead of just phoning it in.
Give paleo-style eating an honest month (at least) of effort - I'm 90% wheat/grain free. Limited dairy. Still working on the processed food part. As soon as I can manage that, I'll be damn near 100% grain free.
Set monthly exercise goals and track consistently (and blog it!). I just started C25k, so the plan is 3 running workouts per week, plus 2 strength workouts, plus one additional cardio session on the bike or elliptical.
Find fitness events to stay motivated to exercise. - I'm officially signed up for a 5k in September! The course is through a beautiful neighborhood and ends at the Detroit Zoo.
Take supplements daily. - Still taking my Omega 3 Sea Gummies. I really need to get on board with a multi and vit D.
Overall: 4/5. Yay me! 

Paint and install old headboard. - I still want to do this. I need to get it to my dad's house sometime this summer so it will be ready when we move!
Follow the 2012 Organize in 5 Daily Diary. - I plan to start using this again to help declutter in preparation for packing.
Find a space in the basement to organize crafty items/tools. - Scratch this one. My news house has 4 bedrooms and a den. I'll have my very own craft room!
Carve out a little office niche somewhere in the house. - See previous.
Overall: Since the overall goal has changed to decluttering and packing and moving, only the first two really make sense going forward, so those will be the only ones I track.

Finish Service Excellence Certification - They changed the curriculum on me. Boo! I have one more class to do in September. It will be done though!
Do monthly or semi monthly staff morale projects. - We did a really nice potluck for all our June birthdays. I'm planning on doing some fun little summer treats next week.
Overall: Good stuff!

Plans for July: Clean out the garage, continue decluttering the basement. Any knitters or crocheters out there? I have a lot of nice yarn I need to destash. Rock bottom prices! Email me!


FitBy40 said...

Shoot, I wish I had known you were in Milwaukee! We just moved to one of the suburbs, about a 20 min. drive for me. I would have met you for lunch, or a drink! Boo, maybe next time.
I also can't eat broccoli or cauliflower AT ALL, no matter how it's cooked. It seems to go down fine, then about an hour later, it all comes up! It's so frustrating.
Glad you're down on the scale!

Laura Belle said...

Wow! You're just rocking things!

Keep it up and you'll hit your goal weight in no time!
Can't wait for Sept!!!

Kristin50 said...

You are really making it happen!

So proud of you Maria, you have such a busy hectic life!

I am glad you are keeping on track with the complete unfill. Keeping your head in the game right now is key.

I cannot wait to see you in September either!