Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1. As the sign on my local Walgreen read, "It hot out." I shit you not, that is exactly what it said. I die every time I drive by because I know exactly the person who put it there and I can just picture her saying that. Awesome.

2. I'm so bored at work this week. I chugged through my QA though today and that passed most of the time. It takes frikkin forever, but I only have to spend this much time on it once a month, so it's not too bad. I still have to do my data analysis on it tomorrow, so that will get me through the morning at least.

3. I have come up with the most brilliant bedtime plan EVER for my daughter. She was doing this crap where she would stall and stall and stall instead of going pee and brushing her teeth. I swear we would be in the bathroom for 30 minutes. Unacceptable. I started setting a timer for 4 minutes. If she pees and gets her teeth brushed before it goes off, she gets a sticker. After she earns a certain amount of stickers (I let her decide between 3 and 6 usually), then she gets a reward. Tonight her reward was helping me make cookies. Last time, she got to pick a prize at the dollar store. Next time, it's a trip to the zoo. I'm doing my best to my the rewards 75% not about food. Anyway, I'm thrilled because she has not missed once, and bedtime is going much smoother and faster now.

4. The heat is making me tired. And also probably all the garbage I ate today. Lord, I wish I could have a fill.

5. I'm gearing up to go whole hog and really really go paleo/primal for a good thirty days. I'm halfway there already, but I'm still sneaking quite a bit of junk in and I've been drinking a LOT of fake sugar. Not good.

6. Lifted weights this morning for the first time in two weeks. My shoulders are sore. It feels good.

7. All this humidity really makes the cat pee smell rise out of my couches. We are not bringing this piece of shit with us when we move. Even if it means I have to sit on bean bags for the next six months until I can afford new furniture.

8. I'm letting my hair grow out again to save money. I keep telling myself I look like I have one of those ombre hair dye jobs because my highlights are so grown out, but I probably just look bad. Might need a semi-permanent helper.

9. I put up new curtains in the little guy's room today. One thing down, eight bazillion to go to get this house ready to rent!

10. Can't believe I just blogged two days in a row. What is this world coming to?


FitBy40 said...

OH the dreaded bed time routine. It's exhausting, isn't it!?
Stickers are a great idea.

Dawnya said...

I need to try this bedtime thing. Bedtime is not my biggest obstacle though. In my house it's dinner. They 1 year old sits eats and then gets down. The 3 and 2 year old take dang near an hour. It's is horrible.

You can do the Paleo. Good luck.

Ronnie said...

IT HOT OUT! hahaha I love it.

Also, I need to try this 4 minute rule thing. My boys mess around, too, and it drives me bonkers. "GET in bed!" I say (yell, sometimes). lol

Julie Taylor said...

New follower here! Came from Ronnie's page.

I am TOTALLY stealing your idea for the 4 minute bedtime routine. My kid takes foooooreeevver. And she wants me to cuddle with her until she falls asleep. I think i'm going to set a timer for that too...

I'm on my pre-op diet now, my surgery is July 12th. You can come visit my blog at

Steph said...

That is a GREAT idea for bedtime and good for you for not rewarding 100% of the time with food. Why is that the easiest thing for most us moms to do? Oh yes, because we equate food with pleasure. It looks like you are taking the right approach!! :)

And yeah, it is damn hot. Africa hot.

Amy said...

new follower :)

I like your reward system. I'm a Special Education Teacher and my students almost always pick "time with teacher" or "help the teacher" over actual prizes. Maybe that's because I'm a damn cool teacher...hmmmm... :)

Laura Belle said...

That's a fabulous idea about your daughter! I would've never thought of that. I'll keep that in mind whenever we have kids.

You could totally do the 30 day challenge thing! Totally! Get it girl!