Monday, June 18, 2012

Milwaukee day 1

Well, here I am in Milwaukee. It is hot as Hades here, so after a quick trip to the mall I went swimming at the hotel. I had the pool and hot tub all to myself, which was nice. I hope to swim more later this week. I weighed myself before I left this morning... 215.5. I cannot let it get any higher. If it weren't for being excited about moving and being away from work for a week, I'd be seriously depressed. Being so busy with traveling today, I actually didn't eat lunch because I wasn't hungry. What does that tell me? I've reverted to some very bad habits. Eating for comfort, out of boredom, to spite someone else (quite possibly the most ridiculous reason). I'm definitely NOT only eating when I'm hungry. And that is just bad news in general. In the normal course of my day, i'm not held to any specific lunch or dinner time, so I truly should be able only eat when I am hungry. This week though, I'll need to eat lunch during the class break, so I will just have to focus on actually feeling the hunger between meals. I didn't bring any snacks with me for my hotel room either. My alarm is set for 4:30, so I can get a workout in before class. It starts there.

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Beth Ann said...

Loving the self discovery! I need to conquer some newly formed bad habits myself. Have fun!