Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ermahgerd... Vertermerns!

Bonus points for you if you laughed at that title. For everyone else, google.

I didn't mean to wait so long to post again. I am still floundering around in my funk a little bit. About the only things I have a handle on are my vitamin (vertermerns!) and my C25k, the latter of which would be going much better if I was eating right. I had a good plan together last week after meeting with the nutritionist, but that lasted about three days. As of this morning, I was up to 218.3. WTF. I'd say I should maybe give up the scale for a while, but I'm honestly terrified that the next time I get on it, I'll be over 220.


On a positive note, I have trainer appointments set up for tomorrow and next Tuesday and Thursday, so at least I have the exercise under control. It's just the food. The food.

The food. 

Let's move on.

So, I'm getting pumped for BOOBS. I'm trying not to think too much about it because it is still two months away, but that is like NOTHING. I'm super excited to be flying in this year -- so done with train rides and wasting 8-10 hours of my life. Thank God last year I had Grace with me, otherwise it would've been unbearable. So, flying it is, this year. Can't wait to see what the planners have in store!

Ending on a high note!


Lap Band Gal said...

yay for airplanes! You'll have fun at BOOBs :)

Amy said...

I already told Kelli that I want her to take a pic of my seatbelt ON! Woohoo!!! Haven't flown in over two years, and now I can't wait.

Ronnie said...


Sorry. I'm super pumped. Might be all I talk about in our e-mails for the next two months. Brandi-dawg and Amanda are gonna hate me. lol

I can't wait to hear about how the trainer sessions went today.

And the food is the hardest part. I wish I knew what advice to give ya, but tough love doesn't seem like something that would be beneficial to you right now as I know you're already in the dark place. Plus, who am I to tell anyone how to eat? Pfft, noooobody. So just know I loves ya. :)