Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11/10/10 It's a mystery

I tell you, I never know what to expect from my band these days. For instance, this morning I ate two donuts for breakfast. They went down fine, the little buggers. Then, for lunch, I had some chicken, broccoli, and orzo, of which I ate about five bites before become full. Um, what? Dinner was beef stir fry, and that worked fine except for the beef. It's a little frustrating not knowing where your restriction stands from one meal to the next.

Today was my second date with the trainer. I like this guy. He adjusted the workout this time to a more appropriate level, kept me challenged, and didn't try to force me into things I didn't feel comfortable doing (lunges, for example, no way Jose). So, it's going good. Let's just say that climbing stairs and getting out of chairs tomorrow are going to be fairly difficult. Feel the burn!


Dizzy Girl said...

LOVE the burn! Means your getting there girl!!! xoxoxo

Bonnie said...

It's great you found a trainer you like. I didn't like my trainer and instead of switching (because I felt guilty about switching - so stupid) I stopped going to the gym. Smart! Not!