Sunday, August 8, 2010

Warning: I will be talking about poop!

Let me just say, Miralax sure works good for me. I wish I would've weighed myself before and after that particular evacuation!

I've been thinking a lot this weekend about habits. Good habits, bad habits, current habits, lost habits, the habits I had when I was steadily losing this spring and summer. There's a few I've let go that I'm working on bringing back. First is my morning protein. I used to start every morning with a scoop of Nectar in watered-down juice. On the weekends, I would make a smoothie of it by adding frozen mango chunks. I started this again Friday. It's a good start to the day, and keeps me from stopping at Sonic on my way to work. Lord knows I don't need to set my day off with a large lemon-berry slush on a regular basis.

Next is a journal I used to keep about various bodily functions. You may laugh, but I really need to keep track of when I poo. When I don't, like recently, I end up going almost a week without a good dump, and that can be really bad. It starts to make me feel sick. I digress... There's a little calendar I keep on my nightstand where I keep track of poos, periods, and stuck episodes. I started this when I was trying to get pregnant with my first, and over the last few years I have seen the benefit. Patterns start to emerge, and I can keep myself, well, running good. It's kind of like a maintenance log for your car or something. This starts again today.

Those are two big ones I want to focus on right now. There are other things like the things I eat for lunch at work, packing my gym bag ahead of time, leaving certain chores for the weekend so I can actually go to the gym, just your basic every day life kinda things. I know a lot of this went to the wayside when I got my unfill before surgery, and that is no excuse. I really wanted to make it a successful month, and I think it was if only because I didn't gain. So I guess it wasn't a total train wreck. I could've done better though.

My August goals are going ok so far.
Water: I've fallen short of my 70ish oz only 1 day so far.
Weight: holding steady at 216. Maybe my empty bowels will help with that.
Workouts:  nothing yet. Goal is ten days.

I have a fill appointment on the 16th. Absolutely cannot WAIT!

Oh yeah, a little NSV from yesterday. We were at my hubby's annual family reunion and a bunch of people told me I looked great, yada yada yada. It felt awesome to have my weight loss recognized. There are only a few people (and I mean few) that know about my band, and not one person questioned how I did it, etc. It was nice not to have to justify anything and just enjoy the attention. On a side note, I had one teensy margarita early in the day and felt totally hammered from it. I am such a lightweight these days.

We are about to pack up for my sister's house. It's my dad's birthday (and his wife's birthday too), so we are having dinner and cake. Ta ta for now!


-Grace- said...

These are great goals! I know you can do it, Maria.

I will keep Miralax in mind next time I have plumbing issues ;)

Maria said...

Grace, I am not kidding about that stuff. We're talking like a 2 hour turn-around time!

DiZneDiVa said...

Miralax... I will look into that. I never dealt with constipation until after I got this band... Wow! Now I understand what folks are bitching about, it sucks! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

Pamela E. Williams said...

I'm a planner so I definitely understand preparing for the day and week ahead. Besides if I don't plan I'm way off course.

Good luck with knocking those goals out. You can do it!!

Sandy Lee said...

Nice NSV. I hate having to explain what I'm doing to lose weight. I get tired of talking about the band and eating all night. Funny about the drink-I tell my hubby I'm a cheap date-just a drink and an appetizer and I'm set.