Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting back on the wagon

Here's a little of what has been keeping me occupied these past two weeks: I've been having some bladder issues, as in, I feel like I have to go all the time. I saw a urologist, and he wants me to have a gyno exam before he scopes my bladder. So, I'm trying to fit all those appointments in around work. It's insanely annoying. I also found out I am retaining urine for some reason. No infection, which is good. Possible kidney stones. We'll see.

Other than that, I've just been muddling through the days. Nothing too exciting at work, kids are good, I'm sleeping better. Yesterday was member-fest at the Detroit Zoo, so we met my sister and her hubby there with the kidlets. It was cloudy, but turned out to be a nice night. Here's a pic of my girl (in the pink) and my niece. They are so darn cute together. 11 months apart, if you're curious.

So, August is upon us. Another month. A fill for me, tomorrow. Time to saddle up, and get going again. My weigh-in this morning was 217, which means a 6lb loss for the Hot Summer Meltdown. Nothing grand, but it means I got through my unfill period without any significant gain. I'll take it.

Goals for August:
  • Exercise: at least 10 days
  • Weight: 209 (an 8lb loss)
  • Food: no more fast food breakfasts
  • Water: at least 60oz of water a day (counting crystal light for now)
And, since I promised last week, here's some before and during photos for you.

Here's a pic from about my heaviest: four years ago, when my cousin had her first baby. So, I was at around 280 here.

Next, we have Christmas 2009, a few days before I had DS.

And here is yesterday at the zoo:

This is me and my sister:

So there you have it. I know I have some better full-body shots of myself from right after surgery. I have to dig them off an old computer though, so you'll have to wait for some serious comparison shots. I need to get better about taking pics. 

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!


Band Groupie said...

Looking good Maria...keep it up! Have 'fun' with the scoping...I call them 'glamour shots'. Try the pills if they offer them (I had a hysterectomy & bladder sling/both for incontinence...THEN the pills/Vesicare)'s having those babies (OK and the extra weight) that does us in...OWN IT kids (that and the extra 20 pounds for each of you).

-Grace- said...

I haven't been to the Zoo in too long! The girls are so cute together :)

You look great!

Linda said...

You're looking great! I lost 6 pounds during the challenge. I was kind of disappointed when I worked it out, but you have to say better than 6 on. Plus the closer to 200 you are the slower it goes.
Your goals sound good and doable (I might steal them).

Kerri said...

You look AMAZING!!!