Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update on the boulder in my kidney

In my post a few days ago, I mentioned I was having a CT scan to size up the little bastard stone my right kidney has been growing. Well, it's a whole 1 cm (which means BIG), and it is now lodged in my ureter. which means lithotripsy is no longer an option. Tomorrow I will be back under general anesthesia so my urologist can go up there, break it up with a laser, and drag it out. Good times! At least this procedure will not result in more holes in my belly (don't count these chickens before they hatch, right?). Wish me luck! Oh yeah, and there's another 3.5mm stone in the other kidney. Sheesh.

Other than that, I'm still holding around 216-218. I haven't been exercising at all, but my water intake has been excellent. Not making too much of an effort with food. I'm making good choices, but, as always, they could be better. Still walking around in shorts two sizes too big for me because a) I'm being too cheap to spend money on shorts I'm only going to wear for a few more weeks and b) I haven't had time to go shopping. I'm really hoping to do a mini shopping spree just before Chicago. When I say I have no clothes, I really mean I have no clothes. I have one pair of khaki capris that I bought in June, and a few tees that fit good. I wear scrubs to work, so I don't even have any dress clothes. Hell, I don't even know if my shoes fit me anymore. It's so weird and so wonderful at the same time.

Hmmm... I wasn't really planning a clothing rant for tonight, but I guess that is what's rattling around my noggin.


Linda said...

Oh no - I'm sorry about the kidney stone.
I hear you on the clothes, I've gone through some "2 pair of pants times".
Good luck tomorrow!

-Grace- said...

Ouch!! That does not sound fun or comfortable.

I hear you on not wanting to shop for clothes that you won't be able to wear next summer...Makes me wish MI summers lasted longer :)

Fiona said...

Its a shame they couldn't get them out whole, you could have made a pair of earrings. Seriously though "ouch". Fingers and toes crossed for you. I am also with you on the clothes thing. I have a bag of clothes that are too small yet, god I was optimistic. But for now I have one pair of jeans and a couple of tops. And now I dont have a job I cant buy work clothes because by the time I get a job they might not fit! (ever the optimist)