Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday refocus

Man, do I ever need a refocus this week. It has not been the best time to be starting a challenge. On second thought, maybe I should've just taken the bull by the horns and done it!

This week has been crappy. Hubs worked really late all week, so tater tot started acting out at bedtime. I was so exhausted from all that, I resorted to fixing myself a little drinky-poo every night. And not just an innocent glass of wine. Oh no. Hubs had bought some Black Cherry Jim Beam, and let me tell you, that makes an insanely good Whiskey Sour. I also didn't cook dinner at all, which means I ate chips and salsa or other junk for dinner. All this is why my first challenge weigh in is 207. Yes, cue the tiny violins... I am feeling sorry for myself!

On to a new week though. It's not too late for me to kick all y'all's asses at this challenge. Exercise is off to a good start with a 2.5 mile walk this morning. Tomorrow I have a gym orientation scheduled after work. It's not that I need an orientation, but who turns down a free session with a trainer? Not this ragazza.

Here's the plan for this week:
  1. food logging
  2. continue exercising and add in weight training
  3. plan real dinners, even if it's only salad. Salad is better than nachos.
  4. buy a new tub of Nectar protein. It's the only kind I'm ever really consistent with.


Andrea said...

I love your Sunday refocus posts! It's a great way to get on plan for the week!

Dawnya said...

Your refocus is awesome!! You are going to rock this challenge.

This will be a better week than the last.

Amanda said...

I am going to do a Monday refocus!

Good lord...I like a good whisky sour. Just one cause the sweet turns my stomach. But black cherry JB. Yummo!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I need some serious refocusing too!

MandaPanda said...

I need to refocus too. I think I may have to put up another post just to try to commit to it. "Salad is better than nachos." Ummm...yeah it is! I actually bought some salad stuff for the first time in ages this weekend too.