Thursday, July 14, 2011

Accidental Pouch Test and Some Product Reviews

Stress + Humidity? What do you get? Super tight! Oh yeah!
Tuesday night I was up after dealing with the tater tot's early morning wake-up, and I decided to get a quick drink. I took a swig of some flat Creme Soda (I love flat pop -- wierd, I know.) and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I just knew I was going to yak it back up. So, five minutes of sliming into the sink and one good wretch later, out came the creme soda (for once, something that didn't taste horrific on the way back out).
All day Wednesday I was unable to eat solids, but liquids are going down fine, so I decided to ride it out and take some stess relieving measures. Thursday arrives, and I'm still on liquids. Pouch test, anyone? Might as well! Yesterday I ended with a grand total of 400 and some calories. Not my best effort, I'll admit. I had a raging headache which I will blame on being dehydrated. Today I started with a protein drink and will probably have the same for dinner. Plenty of broth and decaf tea throughout the day.
I always try to find the silver lining with situations like this, and right now that silver lining is that I will for sure lose a ridiculous amount of weight this week. I need to make up for my constipation gain last week!
On to the product reviews. No one supplied these for me or is paying me to do them. I just happened to try these things and want to tell you about them.
First, yesterday, in an effort to get a little protein/calories in, I picked up a Gatorade Recovery drink in Mixed Berry from the drug store. Ladies, don't bother. Unless you like drinking jello water. It is downright cloying, and I only managed half of it. You know I have a sweet tooth like no other, so for me to find this disgusting says a lot! Not being one to waste money, I will probably try to finish the other half today.
Next, I bought a new flavor of my all time favorite protein powder: Syntrax Nectar. I have had Fuzzy Navel and Caribbean Cooler before (both excellent), but this time I went with Lemon Tea. The thing that I like best about this product is that it mixes with water, and it mixes well. Hardly any lumps, and even when you get one, it's not that bad. There is minimal protein aftertaste, and the drink itself doesn't get too thick. The Lemon Tea has brought my love of this stuff to a new level. As an Amazon reviewer mentioned, this stuff tastes like Arizona Iced Tea! It has the same mouthfeel, lemony overtones and sweet tea goodness. Love. Nectar comes in the usual 2lb tub, but it also is available in single serve to-go packs. So if you need a break from the usual protein milk-shakes, give this a try! And if you don't like it, I will take your leftovers!


FitBy40 said...

Yup, I"ve been super tight with the heat and humidity. Yesterday I had a hard time eating yogurt!
I'll have to check out that protein powder. We're going to Disney in Sept. and I need something that travels easily, like the single serve thingys.
Thanks for the tip!

Jacquie said...

I am addicted to the Nectar Roadside Lemonade! Delish!

Liz said...

I am going to try that! I would definitely like a break from the milky, chocolate flavored protein shakes.

Shannon said...

I hate the way the weather effects the band! glad you can find the silver lining in it all :)

MandaPanda said...

Thanks for the product review. I'm going to give the nectar stuff a try for sure!

Stephanie said...

I've been wondering about the Nectar powder...thanks for the review, I'm goign to try some!