Friday, March 4, 2011


This has been one loooong freakin' week. I didn't realize just how crazy it has been until I realized I haven't posted since last Thursday. Whoops.

So... elimination diet. Still going strong. I've reintroduced citrus and wheat with no issue. Chocolate, I've discovered gives me a mild stomach ache. Sugar is ok in moderation, agave syrup and honey are fine, but molasses gives me some terrible gas. And dairy? Well, let's just say one glass of milk provided me with a raging headache all day. We're going to add chicken and fish back into the mix this week, but we both admitted that we're really not missing the wheat.

Scale is still holding at 212. I'm still not exercising, so no surprise there.

I promise to post more next week!


Dizzy Girl said...

Good luck! Love to find out the food allergies...they are so interesting to me.



MandaPanda said...

I've heard a lot of people do not have good reactions to dairy. Great that you're following through.