Friday, March 18, 2011

Light bulb moment!

Thank you, Amanda, for this comment yesterday:

It sounds like you may have had a blood-sugar surge from the initial treat followed by a subsequent plummet which prompted the cravings for more sugar. I am very aware of this reaction when it happens to me. I typically plan sweet snacks so I can be prepared.

I also find myself wanting to overeat following PB episodes. I think I tend to feel sorry for myself when I can't eat like I think I should and then I may have a pity-binge.

I'm thinking you hit the nail on the head, my friend. How did I miss that one?

First, the blood sugar thing. I'm face-palming right now. Seriously. Just a few weeks ago when I was all Miss Hardcore Elimination Diet, I had limited sugar just by virtue of following the meal plan. I wasn't really craving it at all. Then, last week, I snuck in a salted caramel from the gift shop at work. As I look back, it really has been a downward spiral since then, culminating in my all out binge behavior the last two days. I'm done. I am redirecting myself again. Have you ever heard that thing about how, when you get off target a little bit it may seem like not a big deal, but over time it really adds up? Ya know, like if an airplane was off just a few degrees, by the time it traveled all day (or whatever) it would miss it's target by hundreds of miles? Anyway, that's how I see this. I'm on a certain flight path, and this week I veered off course. If I correct it now, it'll be way easier than if I wait another month or so. Ok, that was a weird tangent...

Also, I have to agree 100% with the part about feeling sorry for yourself after a PB. I'm just not sure I ever fully admitted it. But I will now. If I'm honest, I can see how after a bad PB I might justify having a milkshake or chocolate (cuz you know that shiz always goes down easy). I guess I'm still comforting myself with food. Dang it.

Here's the plan for today:
Lots of water
Breakfast: 1 scoop of Nectar protein with frozen mango and ground flaxseed
Lunch: leftover rotisserie chicken, raw red pepper strips and cucumber
Dinner: Quinoa with black beans, scallions, and fresh cilantro
Snacks: apple with cashew butter, rice snaps and hummus (if I even need to snack... wait, who am I kidding?)

I'll have to see how I feel on the Nectar. I haven't had that since I did the elimination diet, and since I've continued to cut out most dairy, I'm wondering if that'll make me feel crappy. If I do ok with it (meaning, no headaches), then I think I will order some Click powder too. I need a better workday breakfast option now that I have good restriction again.

A couple days of this and I should have beaten the sugar monster back into submission again.


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I'm with you on this one, sugar is the devil for me and once I get in that place of craving it, it is soooo hard to get past it. And, I too feel sorry for myself when I'm having trouble keeping foods down and it always ends with me a slider, OY! Hang in there!

MandaPanda said...

YES! It only takes one little piece of cake, candy, cookie, whatever to send me into a sugar frenzy for DAYS. I try to avoid it as much as possible. But I guess that's where it becomes a mental game. You're doing great!

Stacey said...

I am the same way, and don't usually notice it until I am nose deep in m&ms and chips. I am working on taking a hard line on that stuff and eliminating that stuff completely. If it wasn't in my house and I didn't have to walk by it in the kitchen, I would be much better off.

amandakiska said...

You're making my head swell, silly!