Wednesday, January 12, 2011


One of my favorite things in my google reader is the Stepcase Lifehack blog. The articles are usually short and sweet, and there's always something to make you think. Well. As I was browsing their year-end roundup, I came across this little ditty about being a self-help junkie. Know what? I qualify. Oh how it pains me to admit that, but it really is true. It doesn't matter if it is about organization or fitness or healthy eating or whatever. I'll read it, but I probably won't apply it. The list of self-help that I have read is a long one. In fact, my google reader is full of feeds of this type (step one: weed 'em out!). One point the author made that really hit home was that reading self-help material to motivate or get high was not actually doing anything for you. I can relate to the high of reading about some new method or someone's amazing success story -- it does get you charged up! But then what? You still have to go out and do something. WHICH brings us right back to my phrase of the year: Less thinking, more doing. Curing myself of this self-help addiction will spur me into action.

Accountability is king, right? If I read a book or blog entry, I will post about it here, and I will tell you what I'm going to apply from it. First thing I'm going to do is pare down the self-help type feeds in my google reader.

Today is Weigh-in Wednesday, but as it's 4am and the scale is in the bedroom where DH is sleeping, you'll just have to wait!


tessierose said...

I had an entire library of self help books at one time, but guess what....this self was still unhelped, go figure!

Jess said...

I am totally a self help junkie! I can pass a magazine rack and if there is ANYTHING about weight loss, dieting, before and afters, best and worst bodies, etc. I will grab it every time! I literally read like 3 a week. Same thing with the internet I search success stories and new miracle diets all the time!!!! How sad am I?

Ms. M said...

That is so me! I read everything I can get my hands on - to the point I spend so much time reading there isn't enough time for doing. Recently, I tossed an entire box (a big one) of articles I had saved for their "helpful" insights into the recycling bin... guess that's a little like decluttering the google reader. :)

Jenny said...

I think that this describes all of us! PS, just read about your tennis bracelet and I'm totally jelly!!!! Can I see some pics???