Monday, January 31, 2011

Back from the doc!

I don't have a leak! I told my band doc about what happened with the interventional radiologist, and he said the guy probably hit an air pocket. Band doc was able to pull out an additional 0.6ccs. So much for being unfilled before surgery, eh?

When he refilled me, he was going to leave it at 1.2, but I begged for a little more seeing as how I'd still been hungry before. I ended up with 1.4ccs. I'm really hoping this one sits a little different and gives me some hunger control.

And get this, he showed I was ten pounds less than when I last saw him in December. Yay me!

We're buckling down for a big storm here. They're saying 2-3" tonight and 8-12" Tuesday night. Yikes! It's too bad I can't work from home. If it really is that bad Wednesday morning, I'm going to try to convince DH to stay home with the kids. No sense in taking them out in that unless you really have to, right? Plus, they never plow very well in my daycare lady's neighborhood. Knowing Michigan (and the weather forecasting), we'll probably just get a dusting. Here's hoping!


amandakiska said...

Such great news!

Stay warm!

Shannon said...

we are getting ready for the storm to here in illinois. My work has already shut down work for wednesday.

Gen said...

Excellent news. Hope the storm is not too bad!