Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Monday Morning!

Well, I've had an interesting weekend. Friday morning (like at 3am) I started with the flu. I still went into work like the dutiful empl/oyee my place expects, only to realize that it was not doing anyone any good. I went home at noon, ate some Mrs Grass chicken soup (yum!) and lazed about on the couch for six hours until hubs got home with the kids. I watched an entire season of this British show called Survivors -- I thought it was pretty good. Anyone with netflix and six hours to spare... check it out!

Saturday morning I was feeling a little better, so I drove out to my in-laws with hubs to drop off the kids for the night. We had been given a Groupon for a wine tasting in town, and I decided I felt ok enough to go. I'm glad I did! The wine selection was really good, and we couldn't believe we never knew of this place. It's a mere 2 miles from our house. My wine rack will not be going empty! Hubs convinced me to go out to dinner, so we went to this new Tex Mex chain that opened up nearby. They have these great puffy tacos with shredded chicken -- so good!

So, I get on the scale yesterday (after I ate some cereal with the tater tot, mind you), and guess what! The scale still said 216.5! Makes me wish I would've weighed before I ate (I forgot). I've noticed with this unfill, that I actually feel more restriction than I did these past few months with fluid in. Isn't that the weirdest damn thing? I wonder if putting fluid in makes it sit a little differently.  I see the band doc this afternoon, and I cannot wait to hear his thoughts on my possible leak.


Shannon said...

Yum a wine bar!! I love groupon!

amandakiska said...

It was probably the illness that increased your restriction, but who's complaining?