Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Fresh Start

Ah, Mondays. We love to hate them. Back to work, back to the grind, back to the same-old same-old. But maybe it doesn't have to be like that. I recently had the opportunity to take the Franklin Covey 7 Habits for Highly Effective People Signature Course, and there were a few points that really resonated with me. One in particular was how the language and word choices we use shapes our attitudes and creates our reality. For example, changing "I have" to do workout/work to "I get" or "I choose" to do those things makes it a completely different experience. So maybe I'm not going to think, "Ugh, it's Monday again," and dwell on the long week to come (with my husband out of town, chores, etc). Instead, I will think, "Hey, it's Monday again!" And today will instead be filled with possibilities and excitement. 

And, you know what? It is just that. I have my food logged for the day, lunch packed, I already went to the gym, and my work calendar is clear. I'm starting the kids in gymnastics this Thursday (the one for the little guy is parent-tot, so I get to get my tumbling on. Whee!), and I'm really close to meeting my fundraising goal for the Heart Walk this Saturday. Good stuff, right? I'll leave you with a quote:

"All significant breakthroughs are break-"withs" old ways of thinking." - Thomas Kuhn

Happy Monday everyone!


MandaPanda said...

I absolutely love the positivity in this post!

Cat said...

Love retraining the brain to see Monday as a positive for the week! Have fun with the parent/tot tumbling!!

Darlin1 said...

Love the positiveness and need to keep that going in my life right now. Thanks for reminding me!!!


Ronnie said...

I love this way of thinking. We should discuss this more tomorrow. :)

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...