Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jumping on the TTT Bandwagon!

I don't know why I haven't partaken of the Ten Things Thursday phenomenon yet. Time to change that!

1. The hubster went fishing with his pals this weekend. They are having a 4 day bro-fest. Fun for them! Meanwhile, I am fending for myself with the kidlets. I'll survive. If they sleep.

2. One of my good friends at work is retiring. I got her a couple charms for her Pandora bracelet, and of course, now I am totally wanting one. Seeing as how my hubs is crap for buying jewelry, this will probably remain a pipedream.

3. I had to get all the garbage and recycling out to the curb tonight, so I got the kids set up with some Berestain Bears action on TV, thinking that would hold their attention for at least ten minutes. Mistake #1. I poked my head in the door to see if all was well and little guy had an entire bag of that Smartfood popcorn dumped all over the kitchen floor. Awesome! Especially since my cleaning ladies were here just yesterday. So, I figure I might as well finish what I'm doing outside because how much worse can it get? Ha. Mistake #2. When I came back in, little guy and tater tot were jumping around on it and smashing it into my floor. So now, not only did I have to sweep/vacuum, I also had to steam mop to get all the sticky grease up. It's a good thing they didn't need a bath tonight, because cleaning that mess up took forever.

4. I need to do more cardio. I love lifting weights, so that's what I do all the time, but I need some endurance training too. Must be versatile!

5. I just had a glass of flat Coke. It was super good.

6. It's hard to come up with ten things!

7. I have a haircut appointment tomorrow, but I'm tempted to reschedule. I feel like I want to grow it out an inch or two for better summer ponytail action. Just an inch. My hairstylist will loath the idea. If I let him have this way, he would chop it all off. Plus, hubs and I finally made a financial plan for getting out of our house, so I hate the thought of paying for color (I need it at this point though).

8. It's finally raining here. It's about time. My mom gave me some Asiatic lilies that she split, and none of them survived the transplant. I think we just had bad timing.

9. My mom is in Arizona for ten days visiting my uncle and his crew. I'm so jealous. Every time I talk to her she tells me about how it's 105 degrees and she spent the afternoon in the pool.

10. Tomorrow I go see my new GI guy. It will interesting to see what he makes of my random GI issues. Wish me luck!

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Steph said...

The last piece of jewelry i got from hubby was my wedding ring, I i know how it goes. You need to treat yourself and get the bracelet started and THEN maybe hubs will get inspired. :)

Enjoy the weekend with the kids!