Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bullets: Reflux! And things on my mind.

  • Period tightness strikes again! I had my first bout of actual reflux last night. Not just heartburn (which I very rarely get post-banding), but actual woke-up-choking-with-my-throat-on-fire reflux. Yuck. At least I know Aunt Flo is looming, and I'm always tighter right before. I'm sticking to liquids and mushies today just to make sure I don't irritate my stomach. Don't worry, if it keeps happening, I promise to go for an unfill!

  • This morning we had a full staff meeting, and I had to talk in front of everyone (about 60 people) twice. I've never really had a hard time with public speaking, but I kept thinking of how nice it was not to obsess about how fat I might look. In fact, my pants are even a little too big! I guess I should have been worried about them falling off me in front of the crowd instead! JK, they're not that big.

  • Lately I've come across before/after pics (none from the blogs here) of banded people who have lost around 100lbs and the differences between the people who really embrace exercise and those who don't is absolutely incredible. I know I need to start hitting the weights more, because I don't want to end up skinny and flabby! That was certainly not the point of all this! I need a plan and I need to stick to it. 

  • Yesterday I was in class all day, so I had my trusty 32 oz of unsweetened iced tea to get me through it. Bad me, I was sipping through a straw and all that did for me was make me gurgle all day. Damn near constantly. Talk about embarrassing!


Ronnie said...

Oh no, I hope that reflux doesn't happen again. How scary! :(

And I hear you about skinny and flabby. I think I might be there. LOL

A.J. said...

Girl!!! I had me some of that reflux last night too!!! I have found a that a little bit of milk help helps put out the fire. (I prefer buttermilk but most folks don't like that)

I totes hear you on the skinny flab thing!! I am just now starting to get the "floppy skin" at 95 lbs lost -- I know that if I am gonna lose more I def have do some weights. I also think that the hidden blessing of some of my longer plateaus has been giving my skin time to adjust and "snap" back a bit.

I have never understood/had a problem with the straw thing. I couldn't get my water in without my sippy straw cup!!

So glad you back to blogging!!! Hope you can stay and play!!

MandaPanda said...

I'm lucky to not have issues with helps me get all my water in for the day. I hope the reflux eases up a bit.

Cece said...

When I figure out a schedule I can stick to at Sola - I'll let you know :) New job is killing me ... not so much that I have baggy pants (like you !) but killing me all the same ... take care, my friend !

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

I am pre-band and I am curious about the straw thing. One thing that helps me drink all my water is drinking fast (a lot at one time) and through a straw. Am I going to have to learn to sip slowly through 68 oz? I need to mentally prepare. Thanks for sharing!